Our bespoke design jewellery stories + examples

For inspiration or interest, we've helped hundreds of clients over the years

Bespoke engagement rings

Do you want a ring that's unique? A piece that shows how well you know your partner? An engagement ring that contains your sentiments, cherished for a lifetime?

Our most popular jewellery design requests are for engagement rings. We've done virtually everything from embedding subtle initials into custom jewellery designs, to using family heirloom diamonds + sapphires in new rings.

Using your gold to make something new

Whether we can use your gold in a new design, or it's easier to part exchange it for new, we'll run you through your options. Recently we've remodelled client's old gold jewellery into 3 identical bespoke design rings to share between family, a show stopping cuff bangle and many more examples.

Old into new

Do you have old jewellery that you would like made into something new? Something that you can now wear instead of it collecting dust in a drawer?

We're more than happy to help you find the perfect design to transform a long-forgotten piece into your heirloom.

This beautiful pendant was designed for a customer using her old ring, emerald and diamonds.

Old ring-

New pendant-

Bespoke wedding bands

We're often called on to design bespoke wedding bands, commonly for antique or vintage engagement rings.

Why? Because clients want jewellery designs to stylistically perfectly complement their engagement rings . And this is sometimes trickier to achieve 'off the peg' when working with family heirloom vintage rings from decades past. 

 A fitted ring means that the wedding band exactly contours around the shape of the engagement ring, making a perfect pair. The process takes about six weeks.

This platinum and baguette diamond ring was made to fit a customer’s existing wedding band and engagement ring. We took a scan of her original rings and had the shown model made up.

Added sentimental value to a bespoke jewellery design

One of the best aspects about getting jewellery designed is that you can add meaning that's personal exclusively to you. Making the piece totally one of a kind and only yours.

How about having a bespoke design made to represent your children? We made this stunning ring for a customer using the birth stones to represent her children; Peridot for August and pink tourmaline for October.

Gents Rings

Rings for men are another example of projects we often bespoke design for. 

Taking inspiration from classic wedding rings, you can custom design a ring. Do you want to add a bit of sparkle? Have a custom finish? We can do that for you, with pleasure!

We made this platinum ring for a client featuring a Morse code message made in the channel using platinum granules. 


Do you have an old piece that you would love to be able to share with your whole family but there is only one? We sometimes take multiple gemstones in one piece, and turn them into two or three items to share among family. 

Do you remember a piece that once belonged to a loved one and want it to be made again?

We 3D scanned this delightful frog brooch, created an initial CAD (computer-aided design) to visualise the final result and then had the piece made in 18ct gold. The client updated the original design with striking green enamel and diamonds for sparkle, and now two family members have matching frogs!

Can’t get anywhere else

Do you have a creative streak or idea of the perfect piece that has been floating around in your head for ages? Let our design team bring your ideas to life!

We made this hedgehog them bespoke pendant for one of our customers who wanted to give the perfect gift to their partner. The customer collaborated with our team in creating this 9ct yellow gold pendant with a brilliant white diamond set in the nose!


Get exactly what you want

Are you after a very specific item? Sometimes you know what you want but you just can’t find it. Let us help you fulfil that vision!

We made this pair of emerald earrings for a customer who was looking for a beautiful bespoke design as a surprise for a special anniversary. It's safe to say that they went down a treat! 






Jewellery Created in the UK

Nearly all of our bespoke pieces (and all the above projects qualify) are crafted by us or are network of talented UK based workshops and specialists. As a result we are registered with the 'Created in UK' scheme showing our commitment to UK industry and talent. Qualifying items will display a special stamp in their hallmark, proudly showing the item has been 'Created in the UK'.

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