In 1893, founder Kokichi Mikimoto successfully created the world's first cultured pearls, setting off a new chapter in pearl history and helping to shape what we now know by his family name: Mikimoto.

Mikimoto is synonymous with the finest quality cultured pearls and is a world leader in the design of exceptional pearl jewellery. Mikimoto has been at the forefront of the pearl industry, creating one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by cultures from around the globe.

Mikimoto jewellery has grown into a global brand known for its use of innovative techniques and materials to create jewellery pieces that are a symbol of love and prosperity, designed to complement any look.

Mikimoto's expertise and experience extend across a wide range of styles, ranging from classic, timeless designs to modern, cutting-edge pieces.

Inspired by influences from around the world, its pearl jewellery reflects a stylish global perspective