There are many preparations that go into planning weddings in Reading or any other place for that matter. There’s the dress dilemma, the venue, the motif and more importantly, the wedding rings. As you and your beloved make your way into a jewellery store and browse through several display cases, you will see many choices for wedding bands made from a variety of precious metals.

Platinum and White Gold wedding ring

White gold and platinum are among the most popular materials used for wedding rings, but which one is better? Read on to learn more about the two, so you can choose the ideal pair. It’s always recommended that if you have an engagement ring in one of the two metals, the wedding ring should match it to ensure a consistent wear pattern.

Basic Composition

White gold is made from yellow gold mixed with some whitening alloys and is coated with a rhodium plating to allow a polished lustre. Platinum, on the other hand, is a real white metal, mined straight from the earth with a natural, glimmering silver shine. Today, platinum is considered as a luxury material because it is quite hard to come by. In fact, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, which makes it perfect for couples looking for the premium choice wedding bands in Berkshire or anywhere else.

Stand the Test of Time

White gold is a strong material, and jewellery has been made of gold for centuries. From time to time the rhodium finish needs reapplication and this is a straightforward repair in Reading or elsewhere. White gold is more affordable than platinum. Meanwhile, platinum bands are much more durable and are less prone to break when force is applied. Platinum is also about 60 percent heavier than gold. Its density allows it to provide better protection to precious stones set within it. Even after decades, a platinum wedding ring can retain its lovely lustre well. From time to time a good polish is advisable too to bring back its original finish.

Platinum is the New Gold

Gold has always been the traditional choice for couples who are tying the knot. It symbolises wealth, divinity, and wisdom, characteristics that ultimately set it apart from other metals. Platinum, however, offers an air of strength, elegance, and prestige. People are always clamouring for rare treasures, and since platinum is quite the elusive material, it has gained huge popularity, thereby earning for itself the moniker “new gold”. All you need to do is look at the accessories of some of Hollywood’s hottest stars or the high-fashion scene to see the proof.

Needless to say, wedding bands made of platinum are great investments in the long run. Be sure to visit reputable jewellery stores like Jacobs the Jewellers for a peek on the latest platinum wedding ring styles.


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