For many years, engagement rings have been regarded as a symbol of love and the forthcoming union of a couple. Though classic designs for engagement rings will never go out of style, modern brides-to-be prefer these modern options that perfectly show off their style and personality.

Jewellery Experts Share the Up and Coming Trends for Engagement Rings This Year

Today, those who plan on popping the big question soon are faced with a wide range of choices for rings. Jewellery experts now enumerate these rising trends on engagement rings that are set to dominate this year.

Newer takes on the halo

Halo settings have been popular in the past few years, and would continue to be popular this year. Brides-to-be everywhere remain to be enamoured by the beauty of rings studded with sparkling gems and a stunning centre stone. For this year, however, jewellery experts foresee newer takes on the classic halo setting, including vintage-inspired designs and geometric halos.

Colourful gemstones

In the previous years, clear-cut diamond rings have been made synonymous with engagement rings. Recently, however, brides-to-be are going for the non-traditional route of colourful gemstones such as sapphire or ruby. This year, these colours make them stand out above the crowd without being too over the top.


A popular among boho brides in the past few years, stacked rings are now set to captivate modern brides everywhere. It’s not that hard to see why these rings are catching the attention of women everywhere: these bands allow them to bring additional sparkle to their fingers. Plus, it gives them freedom to customise their rings according to their personal style.


Brides who absolutely adore the beauty of rose gold are taking a step further by combining stunning morganite gemstones with rose gold settings. Combined, morganite and rose gold creates a breathtaking effect that’s sure to turn heads.

Back to antiques

Even if modern rings are set to win over modern brides, others might still prefer the intricate details and astounding beauty of vintage rings – either genuine old or modern reproductions. Edwardian era engagement rings, for instance, are seen to make a comeback this year, mostly due to its intricacy and femininity. Brides-to-be will find themselves captivated with the ring’s use of platinum, tons diamonds, and coloured gemstones.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all these new choices for engagement rings. Fortunately, expert jewellers can help you narrow down your choices and find the one that perfectly suits your loved one’s preference and style.


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