Let’s count the ways….

  • It's the best time for black tie
  • It's unusual
  • Your wedding won't get lost in the spring/summer crowd
  • Almost everything is less expensive
  • Less weather stress--most December weddings are indoors


Celtic Traditions Of The Winter Solstice


Exactly because it's the holidays--your guests are already in a festive mood, ready for celebrating, and twinkling lights are everywhere. And a winter wedding is a nod to ancient British culture---the Celts originated many of the holiday traditions that are still observed worldwide today. Back during the Roman Empire, the winter solstice was celebrated as the rebirth, or Nativity, of the sun. This festival, Saturnalia, was quite the party. It sent on for a week, starting December 17, and went on until the sun stayed out a minute or two longer.


Saturnalia was quite the party--men dressed as women, servants dressed as masters, and everyone decorated their homes with greenery from the forest, lit candles to light their procession routes, and gave gifts to celebrate the end of another year.


Today, Celts are typically considered Irish or Scots, but thousands of years ago, they were a diverse group of peoples who may have originated in Eastern Europe, along the Danube, and whose influence extended through Gaul (modern France) and into the British Isles. Wales and Cornwall are considered the homes of British Celts, who then spread and settled North and West into Ireland and Scotland. Druids were the Celtic priests--learned men who were at the pinnacle of Celtic society.


Celts introduced the custom of cutting mistletoe out of oak trees, and blessing it as a symbol of life during the long winter months before hanging it.  They also began the tradition of the Yule log, a log that burns continuously through the longest nights of the year, when they believed the sun was still for twelve days. The burning log banished evil spirits and was thought to bring luck for the coming year.


Now that you're more familiar with these great traditions, you can see how a December or Winter wedding makes sense--there is a great precedent for celebrating new life in the winter--exactly what you're doing when you get married. You can even incorporate some of these customs into your wedding--decorate with mistletoe, for example.


December Wedding Dos and Don'ts


You love the idea of a December winter wedding, but your heart has always been set on being married outdoors. You can have the best of both worlds, just plan to have the ceremony during the warmest part of the day, usually mid-afternoon, and have lots and lots of outdoor propane heaters scattered around the perimeter of your guest seating and behind your altar. Here are some other tips for your winter wedding.


DON'T Make Your Wedding Holiday-themed


Just because you've chosen December for your wedding doesn't mean you have to dress your bridesmaids in bright red and green. You don't even have to use holly in your bouquet. Take advantage of existing decorations (candles and greenery) in the church, but go ahead and use the colours you love for your big day. Pinks, lime greens, and even some corals complement the traditional holiday colours, and brighten up an otherwise expected colour scheme. 


DO Keep Your Wedding Party Comfortable


If your ceremony is outdoors, make sure your maids have an attractive faux fur wrap that complements their dresses. If you have children in your wedding, choose a dress with a matching coat. Once the party has moved indoors, those strapless dresses are ready for dancing until dawn. And even though the temperature is low, staying hydrated remains a must. Have water bottles and small tubes of moisturizer handy for everyone, to ensure that all your wedding party are glowing in the pictures, not wind burned.


DON'T Make Guests Wait Outside During Pictures


Go ahead and open the reception venue and the bar while you're taking photos. After all, these friends and family have braved the cold for you, thank them with tea at the ready, and create a warm toddy for your signature cocktail.


DO Arrange For Lodging At The Venue


Nothing can ruin your wedding weekend like an unexpected snow or ice storm, so when you're choosing your wedding venue, make sure there is adequate lodging on site for your guests. What's an easy drive in the summer can turn into a treacherous travail when the roads are icy.


Choosing The Best Rings


Your engagement ring is right up there with your dress for the most anticipated thing about your wedding--if you've got pages of rings on Pinterest, you know you're not alone. An engagement ring is not only the initial symbol of your commitment, it's the one that you'll wear just about every day for the rest of your life. You might want the ring to be a total surprise, or you might want to go ring shopping even before you've made it official. There's always the chance that your rings are family heirlooms, or your fiancé has stones to reset.


There are a few choices to make even after you 've gotten an engagement ring. Do you want a matching band? Do you want your wedding rings to match? How does your lifestyle pair with the rings you like (are you an avid rock climber? DO you garden a lot? Does your fiancé spend a lot of time at the gym? How you live is an important consideration--fine diamond jewellery does demand some maintenance, and if you need to take your rings off for sports or hobbies, you need to remember to leave them at home.


Wedding Bands


Modern couples want their bands to be a little more personal than the basic gold bands your parents wear. You can get creative with your metals, choosing high-tech materials like titanium over the old school gold or platinum. Palladium is a popular choice for young couples; this metal is a member of the platinum family.


Interlocking Rings


Interlocking rings can be worn as stand-alone pieces or stacked. At Jacobs, we carry the Shaune Leane line of interlocking rings in white and rose gold, with diamonds on some models.


Or you can mix them, twisting yellow, white and rose gold together for a twist on a classically designed “Russian wedding ring”. Go into your jeweller with an open mind, and try lots of different rings. If nothing exactly suits, consider having bespoke rings designed and made--but get started early, as the custom process does take more time.


Engraved Rings


Engraving the inside of your rings is a wonderful old custom. Some couples choose initials and dates, others a bit of verse or a few words. A skilful engraver can turn a simple gold band into something personal if you decide to engrave your rings.


Accessorizing Your Dress With Diamond Jewellery


Your dress is naturally the showstopper of the day, but you'll want to enhance it with some sparkling diamond jewellery. This is not the time to go overboard, but some classic diamonds will set off your dress and rings beautifully. While white or off-white remain the most popular colours for wedding gowns, diamonds add fabulous sparkle to any dress and headpiece.


Once you've decided on a dress, choose your jewellery. Winter dresses tend to cover more, so you may not need much in the way of jewellery. Also, consider your accessories--will you wear a tiara or simply clip your veil to a bun, or will you wear an heirloom shawl with a brooch? This is not the day to overdo the bling, rather wear understated pieces that let your dress be the main attraction.




Simple diamond studs flatter any face shape and eye colour, and work with any hairstyle--either a simple updo, or an elaborate coiffure with a fancy headpiece. White gold or platinum are the typical metals for studs, in a basket or channel setting. Round brilliant cuts are the most popular since they let the most light shine through, for maximum twinkle.




diamond pendant is stunning with a lower-cut bodice. A drop necklace is a good option; you don't want to distract from your dress. If your dress has a higher neckline, skip any jewellery there and opt for more statement diamond earrings--a drop, or chandeliers if you want to make a bold statement.




A lovely strand of diamonds on your right wrist balances your rings nicely. Alternately, a diamond bangle is a polished and sophisticated choice. If your dress has longer (elbow length or longer) sleeves you may not need any other adornment.


One note--this is not the day to get experimental with your jewellery--stick to the classics for an elegant and timeless look. In fifteen years you really don't want to look back at your wedding photos and have to explain trendy and regrettable choices to your children.


Wedding Jewellery at Jacobs


In the Reading area, Jacobs has been the jeweller of choice for over seventy years. Please come in to see our collections of engagement rings, matched sets of engagement and wedding rings, and stand-alone wedding rings. Our selection will fit any budget, and we have custom designers to make your fantasy rings a reality. Come by, or call for an appointment with one of our experienced jewellers. Let us help you begin your life together with the perfect wedding diamonds