Most prized jewellery pieces commemorate worthwhile, positive events in a person’s life. They are purchased or gifted out of love, appreciation, and friendship. They may also be tangible displays of one’s accomplishments. Although they are built to immortalise the memory of what they represent, jewellery is not immune to everyday wear-and-tear. Proper care must be observed to maintain their dazzling shimmer and keep their heirloom value for the next generation.

Jewellery pieces


The most common metal for many of our pieces is gold. As a trusted Reading jeweller we know that gold jewellery can last for generations however we also know the key to this is maintenance and care not to mention spotting any problems early.

Platinum, although stronger than gold and resistant to tarnishing and discolouration, has its similar characteristics. For one, it can still be scratched. According to, any material harder than platinum, e.g. titanium, tungsten, and diamonds can scratch it, so it should be kept separated from other pieces where possible.

Many people also do not notice that some of their gemstones are missing until it’s too late. This is often the case for diamond rings, when lots of small stones are mounted on the setting. This may be because the setting is not built tight enough or it has loosened over time to the point that a minor hit could easily knock the stone out of place. You can keep an eye out for pulled claws or settings by rubbing your jewellery over your finger tip to see if anything seems sharp.

Proper handling and care are necessary to maintain the beauty of your jewelleries. Avoid wearing them when you’re engaged in ‘action-packed’ activities like going to the gym, swimming, boating, etc. Keep them in their respective boxes and avoid mixing them with the less valuable pieces. Prevent dirt build up through regular cleaning and have them checked, at least once a year, to determine possible, unseen damage that only a professional jeweller can detect.

Should you find such damage, bring your jewellery to a professional jewellers in Reading shops, like Jacobs the Jewellers, right away. Contact us for any advice if you need it too. Some minor repairs can be carried out within a day using our express service, though more extensive damage may take 5-15 days to fix. Our jewellery shop performs most repairs in-house to give you that extra confidence in the work. Jacobs the jewellers has over half a century of experience to guarantee a job well-done.

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