Wearing an outfit and jewellery not only portrays your personality but, it also sends a powerful message to others. What can this be?


Find out in this blog and understand why wearing the right attire is essential for men.


Why Men Need to Wear a Wristwatch


Wearing stylish outfits that could match the worn jewellery is exceedingly difficult for men. Few options are only available. But, amongst the restricted jewellery choices, a wristwatch is arguably the most vital piece.


Watches form one of the three core pieces in a man’s attire. It is also the easiest piece that can signify one’s status and personality. Wearing different watches on different occasions can make a statement about the wearer and perhaps, show a great sense of style.


Top 3 Perfect Watch Styles For Men


It's useful that you consider the right watch for the right occasion. Now, Reading jewellery style experts list down the 3 main watch styles which every man must have.


Dress Watch

Bremont Solo

Most dress watches are certainly expensive. Sporting one means that the man achieved success and is in a position of power. This Bremont Solo watch sports a genuine leather band and stainless steel case.


Dress watches are stylish pieces with a simple yet elegant design. It is the best piece to wear on formal occasions, often being slimmer in depth than a sports watch. This Bremont Solo is a fine example of a dress watch. It has a 43mm hardened stainless-steel and tarnish-resistant Bremont Trip-Tick construction.


Its sleek design will surely draw positive attention in formal events. Its elegant style matches most wedding rings. Thus, making it an ideal piece for married and established men who regularly wear their wedding bands.



Bremont ALT1-P Pilot

Wearing stainless steel chronographs signals that the man is a time-conscious individual with an aptitude for success. This Bremont ALT1-P Pilot chronograph features 3 dials used as a stopwatch.


Chronographs are separate dial systems which can serve as stopwatches [Art of Manliness]. Some watches can have a tachymeter which allows you to calculate speed and distance travelled.


This Bremont ALT 1 – P Pilot 43mm is the ideal example of a sports watch. It is built with a hardened stainless steel Trip-Tick construction. It has a scratch-resistant case and has nickel watch hands with SuperLumiNova® C3 luminous coating. This will allows you to tell the time despite a dimly lit environment.


Dive Watches

Bremont 40mm circular hardened stainless steeel Bremont Supermarine type 300

This Bremont Supermarine type 300 watch is ideal for deep water dives. This watch’s design signals that the wearer has a strong and practical personality.


Perhaps, the most iconic men’s timepieces, dive watches were originally designed for underwater diving. It allowed scuba divers to accurately estimate their oxygen consumption. After its introduction, this watch style became so popular that non-diving aficionados wore it even in a daily basis.


This Bremont Supermarine 40mm circular stainless-steel watch best exemplifies the concept of a dive watch. It remains functional in depths as deep as 300 metres (980 feet). Its scratch resistance watch face and rust-resistant construction make it ideal for frequent divers. And, its design also allows it to be worn on a casual basis.


Get A Sense of Style with a Perfect Watch



Indeed, wearing high-quality watches helps bring out the best in a man. Sporting the right styles for the right occasion displays his willingness to stand above the rest whilst remaining fashionable. It perfectly portrays his status to others and what he has achieved in life.


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