Now, you may be looking to propose to your significant other. But, are you aware of the latest engagement band trends for the year 2018? Read on this blog about the top engagement ring trends for the year 2018 from Berkshire Jewellers.


Evolution of Engagement Proposals for an Eternal Commitment


Ancient Egyptians first proposed to their loved ones using rings made from natural materials [Grimball]. This gesture slowly grew popular. And, from then on, marriage proposals became a traditional event.


But, this time, men offer intricate pieces of the engagement ring as an embodiment of their lifetime commitment. What's more romantic is that some of this engagement bands are made with a combination of precious stones and precious metals exhibiting the most elegant styles.


Now, there is an on-going trend showcasing public wedding proposals on many social media websites. Often, the proposer expresses her desire to spend the rest of their lives with their partner in public. And, highlighting this important proposal is the jewellery piece of eternal commitment.


So, are you looking to propose this year but you are not sure which ring to propose with? Look no further. Berkshire jewellers distinguished the top three betrothal ring designs for 2018.


Top Three Trending Engagement Band Styles for 2018


So, with the myriad of ring styles and designs, how should you choose the best betrothal ring to propose with? Here, Jewellery experts in Reading share the top 3 trending designs of engagement rings for 2018.


Graceful Three Stone Rings


Three stone rings, such as this platinum three stone diamond ring, are unique amongst betrothal bands. Three large gemstones, with one stone slightly larger than the other two, are set in the centre. The metal band are typically made of either platinum or gold.


These rings represent the couple’s journey together. The largest stone is set at the centre and represent their present union whilst the two, smaller stones represent the past and future. Alternatively, these three stones may also represent loyalty, love, and friendship [Gulfcoast].


Mesmerising Halo Rings


Halo-shaped rings are an intricate and loud piece of jewellery that emphasise the central gemstone. This ring design first became about in Europe as early as 1714 but became truly popular during the Victorian era [Ritani].


One of the rings that best represent this style is this platinum cushion shaped Halo cluster ring. It consists of a large cushion cut diamond gem with a pip millegrain set. This gem is surrounded by 18 diamond with a further 8 diamonds embedded on each side of the ring band. This truly is an extravagant piece that evokes a classical style reminiscent of Victorian-era elegance.


Awe-Inspiring Pear Rings


Pear-shaped rings are often referred as teardrop cut rings due to the uniquely shaped gemstone. It was first created by Lodewyk van Berquem in 1458 [Brilliance]. This cut maximises the diamond’s sparkle and shine, showcasing the true brilliance of the gemstone.


These properties can be seen on this teardrop cut, platinum and rose gold diamond ring. The stunning pear- cut diamond gemstone is accentuated by round brilliant cut diamonds on the band. This emphasises the centrepiece perfectly.


Look for Engagement Rings from Reading Jewellers


Engagement proposals are the promise of fidelity. You pledge a solemn vow that you are willing to spend the rest of eternity with your significant other. So, why not propose with the best espousal ring this year?


Find the best jewellery pieces from Berkshire jewellers today. Their wide selection of elegant betrothal bands will surely make your engagement proposal truly special.




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