An everlasting masterpiece of nature, pearls embody the beauty, purity, prosperity, and wisdom. As the birthstone of June, this gem adorned and adorns women worldwide. Many expert jewellers choose this stone as part of their masterpieces. It has inspired artists, poets, and romantics across all facets of life.


But, why are we so fascinated with such a precious jewel? Read on through this blog and let us take you to a wonderful, one-of-a-kind treasure found only in underwaters.


Pearls Captivating Our Imaginations for Over 4000 Years


Pearls are the only precious stone made by a living organism. It is highly treasured by many cultures across the world. In fact, records show that the Chinese used this gem for various jewellery pieces over 4000 years ago [Timeless Pearl].


Many religious texts and historical literature often feature pearls. In the Christian bible, these shiny beauties of the sea are featured in one of the parables of Jesus Christ. In the parable, he describes that the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking good pearls. A merchant who finds a great pearl will sell all he has to attain the gem; such is the value of the kingdom of heaven.


Ancient Egyptian royalty, in particular, was also fond of pearl gems. Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, once crushed and dissolved a pearl in a glass of vinegar. This gesture showed Marc Anthony that she could host the most expensive dinner in history [Gem Select].


Pearls are also associated with various mystical properties. Dreaming of one means that you will most likely meet faithful friends. It is also associated with life, healing and youth. Wearing one was said to enhance a woman’s beauty and longevity.


Our fascination with this gem prompted many artisans to pursue the round-shape pearl for many of their works. One man had perfected the art of pearl culturing - Kokichi Mikimoto.


A Collection of Classic Mikimoto Pearl Jewellery Pieces


Pearls are indeed valued across the world. This perfect round-shaped, naturally occurring pearls are difficult to find. But, Mikimoto-san had taken it upon himself to create a sustainable source of this high-quality gem.


With the skill of a scientist and soul of an artist, he created the first cultured pearl. He perfected his techniques to achieve his dream of adorning the necks of all women around the world with pearls. His legacy is showcased in the latest Mikimoto pearl collection available from selected Reading jewellery shops.


Elegance in Simplicity

Mikimoto Pearl Ring

Be entranced by this 18ct white gold Mikimoto pearl ring showcasing the highest grade Akoya pearl. The Elegant Mikimoto Pearl ring highlights the perfectly round-shaped grade A+ pearl.

This 18ct white gold Mikimoto pearl ring showcases a central 8mm Akoya Grade A+ Pearl. Claw set diamonds to adorn the semi twisting surrounding. It perfectly embodies the spirit of timeless elegance.


Owing to the Cloudless Evening Sky

Mikimoto Starry Sky Cluster Ring

Clustered Akoya pearls adorn this one of a kind Mikimoto Starry Sky Cluster ring. Perhaps “stunning” is the only word which can describe this fine piece of jewellery. Mikimoto jewellery artisans have outdone themselves with this lovely pearl ring.

This Mikimoto 18ct white gold “Starry Sky” pearl and diamond dress ring was inspired by a cloudless evening sky. Six cultured pearls cascade across a fine white gold metal band interspaced by polished diamonds. This ring shows that a pearl’s beauty is as unlimited as the stars in the sky.


A Pairing which Elevates Beauty

Mikimoto Pearl + Diamond Drop Earrings

This pair of Mikimoto pearl and diamond earrings highlights how the precious gems complement one another. High-grade Akoya pearl earrings accented by various claw set diamonds evokes an air of sophistication and beauty.

Diamonds and pearls complement each other. Many jewellers often pair these gems in their pieces. This excellent combination is highlighted in the Mikimoto Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings. A pair of Mikimoto 7mm Akoya pearl grade A+ hang from a rub over the diamond setting. A figure eight claw set diamond borders the pearl which enhances its intrinsic elegance.


Shop for the Finest Mikimoto Pearl Jewellery


Our never-ending obsession with the pearls is evident in our fine jewellery. Today’s expert artisans will never cease in pursuit of crafting the best pearl jewellery pieces.


So, if you are looking for the best gift for your loved one, then consider giving an elegant pearl jewellery piece this month of June. Find the finest Mikimoto pearl jewellery collection from trusted Reading jewellery shops today.




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