There is a myriad of gems ranging from sapphires, rubies and emeralds. But perhaps the most iconic of all gemstones is the diamond. Rings with diamond gemstones are almost always on the top list of best wedding proposal items. Its unique shine and brilliance are sought after by many individuals.


Indeed, diamond rings are one of the best accessories to propose with and thus had been captivating the lovers across generations.


A Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring


Diamonds are timeless pieces and one of the most expensive gems in the world.  The gemstone is one of the hardest materials in the world. This makes it ideal to accent rings and allows for more elaborate designs.


Diamond rings are a romantic gesture for your partner. The expense is worth it as an engagement ring should last a lifetime together. It truly means a lot to the lover if he or she receives a beautiful ring that is brimming with elegance. Unfortunately, this has warranted some unwanted side effects.


Due to its value and desirability, several fake diamonds are being circulated into the market. These gemstones are artificially produced in laboratories across the world. Thankfully, cautious buyers may know several tips and tricks to determine if the diamond is real.


Test for Traits of Authentic Diamonds


Several artificial gems are sold as real diamonds in the market. There are several buying cautions and key features in diamonds that help differentiate them from artificially made gemstones. Thankfully, these diamond authentication tests may be done on site.


Fogging with Breaths Test


One’s breath may be enough to determine a diamond’s authenticity. Genuine diamonds almost immediately becomes clear after fogging the stone by positioning it near the mouth. Fake diamonds, such as cubic zirconia, remains foggy for a few seconds longer than authentic ones.


Glass of Water Test


Diamond is a hard carbon material. Due to its density, loose diamond stones will sink whereas fake copies will usually float on the water. This can be done with a loose gemstone and a glass of water.


Paper Dot Test


A simple dot test can help determine a real diamond from a fake one. Diamonds have a unique crystal structure that refracts light.


Looking through the pointed end of an authentic loose diamond blurs the image. This means that if you can see a circular reflection inside the gemstone, then there is a chance that it could be a fake.


Purchase Rings from Trusted Stores


There are establishments who offer elegant diamond rings with authentic diamond gemstones. They can help the aspiring lover choose which type of ring would be best suited for the event.


Propose with a Diamond Engagement Ring this Winter Season


Diamond engagement rings are the classic choice to propose with. Prominent people throughout the years have proposed this type of gemstone.


Jacobs the Jewellers in Reading can provide brilliant cut diamonds in a full rub over setting. So, you may choose different metals that compliment with the gem and purchase an authentic diamond ring for your loved one.




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