To help you narrow down your choices, expert jewellers outline the top design trends seen to capture the hearts of modern brides-to-be this year.

Understated Vintage

For women with traditional tastes, they will love the classic design that does away with all the embellishments seen among most modern rings. Today’s classic rings are both understated and refined, and won’t be out of place in your grandmother’s jewellery box. A ring with an heirloom quality exudes a glamorous and timeless appeal, especially for those who love everything vintage.

Modern and Vintage Cuts

When it comes to diamond cuts, the halo and the baguette are now the most popular choices. The halo cut brings an extra dazzle to your significant other’s hands, especially if it’s been complemented with unorthodox cuts such as the baguette cut.

That’s not to say, however, that traditional cuts such as the pear and marquise cuts aren’t still great choices. These tapered cuts have experienced a well-deserved comeback in the past few years, and are perfect for women with eclectic tastes.

Floral Designs

Who would’ve thought that you can incorporate flowers into engagement rings? This is achieved by clustering diamonds together, or integrating flower motifs in creating intricate detailing. Needless to say, such a floral-inspired engagement ring can appeal to a woman’s whimsical sense.

Coloured Centrepieces

Gone are the days when engagement rings are limited to colourless diamonds as centrepieces. Today, rings integrate more colours to its design. Coloured diamonds, for instance, allow the wearer to stand out without being too over the top.

Diamonds aren’t your only option for engagement rings, though. Gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are perfect for women with discerning tastes.

Shapes Other than Round

Rings aren’t limited to the traditional round shape: in fact, some rings come with square bands. If this doesn’t quite fit your idea of the perfect ring, you can settle for twisted or stackable bands to create an ornate look.

Found the perfect inspiration for the ideal engagement ring? Now is the time to schedule an appointment with an expert jeweller, such as those from Jacob’s.


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