Everyone knows that engagement rings are a personal choice, though some brides-to-be might not realise that it actually speaks a lot about their personality. You might be surprised at first, but jewellery experts have found that certain personality types tend to gravitate towards a certain shape.

Whether you’re classy or adventurous, there’s a certain engagement ring shape that speaks to your personality.

Round Cut: Timeless

You’re the girl who prefers classic and timeless things, and your fashion sense gravitates to smart, chic, and classy. Those who prefer the classic round cut are also honest, faithful, and a bit conservative.

Oval: Cutting Loose Now and Then

Very much like the traditional round cut, the oval shows a hint of creativity and individuality. As a stable and faithful diamond shape, it lends a flattering illusion of length to women with small hands or shorter fingers. Women who prefer the oval cut are often traditional, though they won’t say no to cutting loose every now and then.

Princess: The Fearless One

First seen among women during the sixties, the princess cut is making a revival in the past few years. This cut demands attention, as it gives the wearer an extravagant glitter wherever she goes. This shape fits a risk-taker, or a woman who’s not afraid to revel in the spotlight.

Emerald: An Elegant Woman

Though emerald diamond shapes might seem old-fashioned, it still manages to exude quiet elegance and coolness. It’s the shape worn by stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelley, and the wearer might even find herself at par with the beauty and glamour of these screen goddesses. The emerald cut fits a woman who doesn’t need the approval of others, since they have a good sense of who they are.

Asscher: For the Vintage-Lover

If you’re someone who loves antiques, the asscher cut is for you. Created by Joseph Asscher for King Edward VII, this cut evokes a 1920s art deco vibe that fits the vintage bride. It also fits someone who likes royalty and drama.

Marquise: The Centre of Attention

At first glance, one can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the flashy marquise. After all, it’s designed to make the diamond look larger than it really is. This shape fits well with women who like to stand out from the crowd.

Whatever shape fits your personality, you can always find elegant jewellery pieces from expert jewellers in Reading, like those from Jacob’s.


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