Every gentleman knows for a fact that the littlest details matter, even your watch. After all, it’s one of the few pieces of jewellery men can wear, and its style can either make or break your overall look. Earn the respect and admiration of your peers by wearing a wristwatch that’s both simple and classic.

Take Note of the Categories

Haven’t got much of a choice when it comes to wristwatches? Perhaps a visit to jewellers is long overdue to add a couple of stylish pieces into your inventory. Note, though, that wristwatches are divided into five categories: dress watches, diver’s watches, sports watches, pilot watches, and field watches.

Dress watches are the perfect choice if you’re after something that enhances your formal look. These typically show hours, minutes, and seconds in a plain face, and are as formal as they can get. Diver and sports watches, on the other hand, are designed for active lifestyles. If you want to get the best of both worlds, make the most out of the versatility of field watches.

Several factors must be considered when you’re investing in wristwatches, but the general rule of thumb is to choose a watch according to your size. That is, the size and shape of your watch should be proportionate to your body.

Exactly how many timepieces should a gentleman own? The answer would depend on your lifestyle, but experts recommend having five to seven watches on your base collection.

Match with the Event

Now comes the hard part: which timepiece should I wear? The secret is to match your watch style with the formality of the event. You should never make this choice lightly, as it will ultimately dictate your choice of clothes, socks, shoes, and cufflinks.

Formal events call for simplicity, so reach for a simple dress watch. On the other hand, diver and pilot watches work best with business casual outfits. For less formal occasions such as sporting events, you can always go with your sports watch.

If you’re having trouble choosing a particular colour for your watch, you can always match it with the colour of your shoes.

Even something as seemingly simple as your watch can have a huge effect on your style. Visit local jewellers in Reading today, such as those from Jacobs, and take your pick on stylish timepieces that you can add to your collection, such as those seen here.


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