Luckily, there are a plethora of waterproof watches out there that are reliable enough to handle those rough trails, but beautiful enough to wear to dinner after. Watches like those in the TAG Heuer Aquaracer lineup pack a punch. Not only do Aquaracers give you dive-ready waterproofing, but they have the raw power and beauty to earn a spot in your regular lineup.


A Brief History of Tag Heuer's Aquaracer Lineup


There's plenty to talk about in Tag Heuer's one-and-a-half decade long watchmaking run. From the first oscillating pinion (which has been used extensively since in many mechanical chronographs) to the first dashboard chronograph — the Time of Trip, Tag Heuer has a rich history in watchmaking and motorsports.


But, we're going to focus on Tag Heuer's other favorite passion — a passion that saved the company from near bankruptcy.


By the late 1970s, the Quartz Crisis was in full swing. Japanese quartz companies were quickly outpacing the once dominant Swiss watchmakers. This was before Swiss watchmakers slowly crept towards the safety and shelter of luxury branding, and the entire industry — including Tag Heuer — was in full-blown damage control mode.


Searching for an avenue out, Jack Heuer started exploring additional product channels. In 1979, Jack Heuer launched the Diver Professional after attending a trade show and realising that there weren't any major luxury watch brands appealing to the diving market — beyond the expensive Rolex line. Until this point, Tag Heuer had been known for motorsport chronographs, and this diving watch was a significant change in direction for the Swiss luxury brand.


Two things really drove the new watch forward — it's price point and its durability. The main competition for the Diver Professional was the Rolex line of diving watches. But, utilising quartz movement and some ingenious part placements, Heuer was able to drag the price of their watch down to $200, comfortably away from Rolex's $1,000 lineup.


The Diving Professional quickly caught on. Or, as Jack Heuer said:


"We could not imagine that this model would be the very watch that was to help the company recover."

While the Aquaracer shares some detail in common with the original Diving Professional line — such as water resistance, screw-in crowns, double safety clasp, and luminous marketings — it's also a little different.


The Diving Professional showed Tag Heuer that they could compete in the diving and water sports market. The Aquaracer showed them that they could dominate it.


It's easy to see the transition from the Professional series — which used the incredibly common 1000, 2000, etc. nomenclature of the 80s — to the Aquaracer. In fact, the current Aquaracer lineup (2005 - today) is a relaunch of the 2000 series, which was Jack Heuer's last watch before retirement.


Later on, we'll take a look at some of the best Aquaracer models currently for sale. There are over 30 models in their current lineup, and each of them boasts a unique, beautiful build.


The Benefits of a TAG Heuer Aquaracer Watch


While there are certainly individual benefits to each Aquaracer watch, there are also some commonalities that we can discuss to show off why the Aquaracer is perfect for anyone that's interested in a hardy, well-constructed watch that can handle those rainy nights or wave-soaked days.


The fantastical approach to everyday wear that Tag Heuer is known for really shows through in the Aquaracer lineup. Wedged between durability and masculinity, the Aquaracer lineup certainly doesn't look or feel out-of-place on a sun-bleached surfboard. But, it's broad design appeal can easily be carried to the store afterward and still bring that luxury aura that Heuer is so well known for.


Let's look at a few core features that all of the Aquaracers carry that makes them ideal for an active lifestyle.


Water Resistance


Obviously, the signature feature of the Aquaracer line (at least in terms of lifestyle features) is water resistance. Each of the Aquaracer watches is dive resistance up to 300m — making them a solid choice for both water sports and everyday wear-and-tear. The watch features a water-resistant timepiece as well as bands. For this reason, none of the bands on the Aquaracer lineup are leather or skin — though you can certainly band swap for those special occasions.


Tag Heuer hyper-focused on water sports in particular for this lineup, and they ensured that each timepiece could maintain the strenuous atmosphere of underwater diving as well as those watery sailing trips.


To ensure that each timepiece is water-ready, they all go through a series of 160 water tests — including pressure, salt, heat, and humidity. Check out this video to see a preview of these tests in action.




Along with water resistance, all Tag Heuer watches boast some incredible durability. Each timepiece has sapphire crystal combined with anti-reflective treatment to give it scratch-resistance and readability on those sun-soaked walks.


There are a few band options available — textile, polished steel, and ceramic — that each can take a fair beating for when you misstep that perfect wave.




It's important to remember that Tag Heuer designed this watch with general sporting and luxury in mind. While it certainly appeals to the water sporting and diving community — as well as snowboarding, dirt biking, or any other outdoor activity — it has to look, feel, and perform like a luxury watch.


This means that the watch needs those robust features like water resistance and durability. But, it also needs a beautiful timepiece, incredible accuracy (28.800 vibrations per hour,) and an incredible selection.


And, it definitely does!


Let's look at three examples of the Aquaracer collection that we carry here at Jacobs.


The Three Piece Showcase


At Jacobs, we're enamored with Tag Heuer's Avant-Garde timepieces, tradition-breaking stylings, and cutting-edge performance. Over the years, we've fostered a relationship with all of our favorite watchmakers (e.g., Bremont, Longines, Tag Heuer, etc.) and built up an impressive collection of luxury timepieces.


As independent, family-run jewelers, we have cultivated a deep relationship with some of the world's top watch brands. And, we have many watch lines that are exclusive to us in the Reading region.


Today, we're going to pick out three of our favorite Tag Heuer Aquaracer's from our collection and give you a first-hand look at the lineup.


If you want to see them in person, feel free to come in and take a look. Trust us; they're beautiful.


Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 7 TT


The Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 7 "Pepsi" is one of the most gorgeous, crisp, and functional Pepsi-style watches on the market. Not only does this watch come with the standard Aquaracer features (i.e., dive resistant up to 300m, durable, strong claps, etc.) but it also has both a GTM complication and a fine-brushed polished steel strap.


This is one of the more popular watches in the Aquaracer lineup — partially because it appeals to Pepsi-style collectors.


The Calibre 7 knows how to use crystal correctly; the sapphire with anti-reflective crystal gently captures the harsh beams of the sun, but it remains bright and vivid enough to remain functional in low-light environments. It has a sporty, polished look, and sits squarely in that oh-so-nuanced spot between bulky and slim. Unlike most Pepsi watches, the Aquaracer forgoes the circular bezel for an interesting dodecagon appearance.


At 43mm, the Calibre easily appeals to larger wrists — which makes it one of the more stylish large Tag Heuer watches on the market.


Overall, this watch is both incredible for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as those looking for a beautiful Pepsi-style everyday wear watch.


Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quartz (Black + Gold)


This 35mm elegant quartz watch has a two-tone black and gold style face and band. A thick black stainless steel band and a luxurious black-on-gold numbered timepiece make the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quarts in black and gold an instant diving classic.


For many women, trying to find a balance between an outdoor watch and that crisp, clean, elegant watch that you can flash at your next business meeting is tough. With the Aquaracer Quartz in black and gold, you don't have to.


The diver's bezel has an elegant rosey gold outline, while the bulk of the plate is filled in with a deep, rich black. It's hard to find anything aesthetically wrong with this piece. Pair the looks with the brains — a 24-month battery and to-the-second Quartz timing — and you have an absolutely stunning ladies piece.


While the bulk of this post focuses on the men's line of Aquaracers, we want to highlight that the women's line has even more pieces. This, of course, is one of our favorites. But, we carry plenty of variations of this particular quartz piece. So, feel free to take a look and see which color combination suits you best.


Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5


Finally, let's look at the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5. This 43mm gentleman's watch is definitely one of our favorites out of all Tag Heuer's lines. The flat sapphire crystal pairs wonderfully with the anti-reflective coating, giving off a glossy finish without blinding you on that daily jog.


The bulky, highly-finished bezel has these interesting protrusions on the odd numbers, which makes the bezel easy to shift with little-to-no play. The heart of the watch — like the Calibre 7 — runs at 28,000 beats-per-hour with a 38-hour battery.


Another great thing about this particular watch is the band. The stainless steel band contains solid pieces that are strongly mounted to the watch body — giving it extra durability and shine.


If you're looking for a masculine watch that's ready-for-anything, the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 may be the watch for you.




Tag Heuer's Aquaracer lineup combined cutting-edge design, unique aesthetics, and incredible durability to bring watch enthusiasts, racers, divers, outdoor enthusiasts, and runners a best-of-breed product at a competitive price.


At Jacobs, we understand quality and the importance of understanding your needs.. Each of our employees has had extensive training on both watches and jewellery . From engagement rings to outdoor luxury watches, we've been trusted to help generations of clients with  an exclusive selection of top brands for over 70 years.


So, if you're interested in taking a look at one of these gorgeous Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches, pop into our store and see it for yourself. All of our team are genuine, personable, and willing to assist you to find that perfect piece for you.


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