Design trends for summer 2018 express happiness and harmony, so designers make use of rainbow colours, pastels, soft lines and flower designs. Jewellery enthusiasts will see more styles that have flowing patterns with jewels set in a way to reflect the nature. White gold with a sweeping line of vivid or pastel coloured gemstones creates a beautiful and elegant piece ideal for summer occasions.


Jewellery shops in Reading are brimming with such exquisite designs to complement a summer look. So, keep reading this blog to see the jewellery trends for summer and the best pieces to bring out your Summer personality.


Reading Jewellers’ Classy Signature Pieces this Summer


Summertime is a fantastic season of having fun and uplifting the spirits. So, to give jewellery fanatics the feel of endless sunshine, designers have liberally utilised flora and fauna motifs. As nature has a mysterious way of lifting up the senses, these jewellery designs indeed create a more relaxed feeling.


Layered, thin necklaces are excellent choices for a casual yet classy look. These necklaces are very easy to the eyes while allowing more movement to the wearer. Moreover, red rubies and yellow diamonds are great gemstones for summer. A sophisticated red and the dynamism of yellow are most stunning during this time.


Trends during this season have versatility in style, which promotes individuality. For those who prefer simple jewellery, then gold and silver necklaces or bracelets without any addition of gems is impressive. Whether casual, business or formal, this type of accessory can be comfortably worn in many settings.


In the next sections, see some of the most dazzling pieces in Reading jewellery shops.


5 Dazzling Pieces from Reading Jewellers


Jewellery shops in Reading offer so many designs that will give jewellery aficionados all the summer delights. Here are some of the remarkable pieces ideal for summer:


Sapphire and Diamond Flower Pendant

Sapphire and diamond flower pendant


Crystal, yellow, purple, blue, magenta coloured diamonds and sapphire are beautifully arranged in this flower pendant. Simple yet classy, this pendant undoubtedly symbolises the summer soul.


Bumble Bee Brooch

Bumble Bee Brooch


Brooches are making a revival during this season. So, this bumble bee brooch design is impeccable for a magnificent look. Made with 18ct yellow gold, peridot, lemon quartz body and diamond wings, summer is the setting for this brooch.


Fope™ PHYLO 18ct rose gold two row 17" necklace

Fope PHYLO 18ct rose gold teo row 17" necklace


Since thin, layered necklaces are popular during this time, Fope™ PHYLO necklace is a lovely summer accessory. Its 18ct rose gold with Diamond set white gold rondels radiates the eternal sunshine.


Fope™ EKA Yellow Gold Necklace

Fope EKA Yellow Gold Necklace


Gold is the timeless colour for warmth and joy. This Fope™ 18ct yellow gold necklace is simple, classy and alluring. For a minimalist accessory, this jewellery piece is most suitable.


Hulchi Belluni™ Diamond 'Leaf' Pendant

Hulchi Belluni Diamond 'Leaf' Pendant


The gentle lines of this exquisitely-made leaf pendant is an elegant reflection of summertime warmth. Rose gold and diamond set is a delightful design composition that certainly captures the essence of sunshine delight.


Find the Best Jewellery in Reading


Summer jewellery is best defined with warm colours and soft lines. Exquisitely beautiful and stunning pieces with vibrant designs are prominent. Jewellery shoppers have so many choices to find the piece that best mirrors their personality. Thus, many jewellers carefully crafted pieces that captures the summer essence while highlighting the wearer’s delightful side.


So, find the most enchanting summer pieces in Reading today.




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