Sleek, functional, and minimalistic works are the hallmarks of this Nordic art form. And, it rivalled the dominant style of that time, namely Art Nouveau (Danish™).


This new approach eventually became a popular choice for interior designers. And, in 1954, the Brooklyn Museum held its “Design in Scandinavia” exhibition. This helped solidify the Scandinavian design philosophy as a defined art style.


But, can a style that was initially meant for furniture translate well to jewellery? Find out more on how one brand managed to create remarkable luxury pieces which best represents this approach.


Translating the Iconic Nordic Interior Art Into Jewellery


Perhaps, the most daunting task when crafting jewellery pieces is taking an existing concept and making it your own. It is further amplified when the source was made for a different purpose. This, fortunately, is not an issue with the Georg Jensen brand.


For over 100 years, this Copenhagen jewellery company continues to produce unparalleled works of art. Initially, a follower of the Art Nouveau system, their jewellers have since embraced the minimalist design. As a result, their pieces show bear elegant designs with an emphasis on fine curves.


Elegant Jewellery from the Georg Jensen Collection


Masterfully crafted jewellery bearing subtle designs ensures that it can match your outfit regardless of the event. Here are a few examples of the stylish jewellery pieces from the Georg Jensen collection.


Realise the Infinite Possibilities

This piece might not be as beautiful if a novice artisan were to craft it. But, Georg Jensen’s in-house jewellers managed to produce this truly marvellous Infinity Silver Bangle. Made from high-quality sterling silver, this unique item twists and turns around the wearer’s wrist while he or she is moving.


Its shape is taken from the symbol for infinity; which hints at the near limitless attire combination involving this item. So, be confident that you can never go wrong wearing this bangle with your favourite clothes.


A Testament to their Art Nouveau Roots

Melding the Art Nouveau and Nordic style is rather challenging. But, the jewellers at Georg Jensen managed to produce an elegant piece which mixes these contrasting designs.


Flowers and other elements found in nature heavily influenced Art Nouveau works. This Sterling silver sunflower pendant clearly shows the influence this art style has on Georg Jensen’s design process. Its brilliant cut diamond placed perfectly on a 45cm silver chain. It is a piece which seamlessly blends the classical style with the minimalist philosophy of Nordic design.


It is the best worn during momentous occasions, such as VIP gatherings, grand reunions, and your wedding.


Bold Pieces for the Modern Taste

No matter what your clothing is, this jewellery is a perfect eye-catcher to your peers.


If you’re a fan of modern fashion, then you’ll love this pair of earrings from the collection. These silver triangular peak clip earrings deviate from most of the earring designs.


It took its inspiration from the jagged Scandinavian coastline. It bears sharp angles which will go well with any attire.  Rest assured that it would go well with your wardrobe choice for the day.


Discover More Authentic Georg Jensen Jewellery in Reading


It takes time to find the right accessories to match every clothing. Fortunately, the designer pieces from the Georg Jensen collection makes sure that you will always have the perfect outfit.


So, visit your trusted Berkshire jewellery shop today and peruse their selections of authentic Georg Jensen jewellery pieces.



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Infinity Bangle - Sterling Silver,


Peak Earrings - Sterling Silver,