Today, many delicate styles can be customised. These lovely rings don’t have to be set as engagement or wedding rings. You no longer have to be engaged just to wear this precious ring. You can even spruce up your outfit with a bespoke diamond ring.


So, keep reading. And, understand how to become fashionable with a custom-designed diamond rings from Reading jewellers like Jacobs the Jewellers.


Diamond Rings Can Level Up Your Outfit Says Jewellers


Diamonds are rich in colours. White diamonds can now be matched with any coloured gemstone under the sun. In fact, coloured diamonds are now becoming a popular fashion accent, too. This makes rings not to be solely for couples only. But, it can also be worn as fashion rings, cocktail rings and men’s ring.


As what jewellers say, you can’t go wrong with a sparkling ring in a boring old outfit. Do you want to know how to enjoy wearing this diamond jewellery piece on your finger? Be delighted with these diamond ring designs.


Diamond Jewellery Rings to Complement Your Outfit


Picking out a ring for a special occasion can be daunting. Unless, you know a diamond jewellery lingo. So, take a look at this expert tips from jewellers in Reading. And, learn how to complement your outfit with the right designs.


Fashion Rings


What sets a fashion ring apart from other stoned-cut rings? Well, this is because of its distinctive design. This ring can have a sculptured shape of a flower or, perchance a creature. This sculptured ring can have black diamonds, or adorned with yellow or red sapphires. This can be whimsical. But, every bit of it is as beautiful, valuable and intricate it will be. And, you’ll look dazzling on it whilst wearing your floral summer dress.


Cocktail Rings


Do you want to show off your passion for fashion in a party? Wear a cocktail-styled diamond band or ring. Multi-stoned diamond bands or rings can easily get people’s attraction. A combination of black and white diamonds can set in to a rhodium-plated sterling silver band. Regardless, if you are only wearing a black velvet gown, you are going to stun lots of party-goers.


Men’s Rings


Who says diamonds are for women’s hands only? Today, modern men use coloured diamonds in rings. An example of it is a squared faced ring topped with black and white diamonds. This kind of style shows strength and balance. And, these make up the main characteristics of a modern man.


Let a Custom Jeweller Design Your Diamond Jewellery Ring Today


All these bespoke ring designs can represent as who and what you are. But, it is also ideal to choose the right style or design to complement your outfit. Or else, your ring will remain unnoticed.


Would you like to have bespoke rings for special occasions? Find a jeweller in Reading today. And, let them design your bespoke diamond jewellery ring from Jacobs the Jewellers.




Diamond Jewelleries and Rings: Not Just for Engagements Anymore,