Showcasing quality craftsmanship and boldness in designs, the Georg Jensen brand was established in 1904 and inspired by the Art of Nouveau lines of time. Its wide range of stunning jewellery pieces has a strong Scandinavian flavour. But, every piece has a reflection of Danish values of simplicity of life, clear water, fresh air and Nordic light.


Today, only one jewellers in Reading can exclusively offer a variety of this stunning jewellery collection: Jacobs the Jewellers. Each collection consists of democratic designs possessing both distinctive beauty and finest quality.


So, do you have plans on buying a jewellery piece that will surely standout? On this blog features this brand’s exquisite jewellery available from Reading jewellery shops.


Reading Jewellers Feature Elegant Georg Jensen Jewellery Designs


Are you looking for one-of-a-kind brilliant cut diamond rings in Reading? Or, perhaps, adding more jewellery pieces to your collection?


Look no further, Reading jewellers like Jacobs can offer you with various designs. It is elegant, fashionable and, of course, it is going to be a valuable investment for you.


From understated jewellery designs to bold statement pieces, these jewellery pieces can definitely show a reflection of your personal style. Let us explore its different collections and choose which suits you.


Show Off Your Glamour With Georg Jensen Jewellery Collections


For many people, jewellery is a statement of status and wealth. But for individuals who are passionate about precious jewellery, these pieces mean the art of fashion and glamour.


Whichever you may be, make sure to choose a piece that can really make you stand out. Having some of these collections, expect that style and sophistication can be seen within you.


Fusion Collection


Georg Jensen Sterling SIlver Infinity earrings pave set with Diamonds


This is one of the most popular collection. Each piece symbolises precious moments that enables you to create your love story.


Take a look at this Fusion white gold diamond edge ring. This hallmarked 18-ct white gold Jensen interlocking piece is adorned with a line of brilliant-cut round diamonds. Surely, this signature ring will be highlighted when worn.


Mobius Collection


Georg Jensen Mobius Pendant


Mobius refers to a shape with one surface and one edge. Thus, Mobius collection is inspired by geometry and magnificent example of post-modern innovation. This collection is built upon this fascinating shape, beautifully rendered in each separate piece.


One of its offered pieces is the Mobius pendant in sterling silver on a 17” rubber necklet. This precious jewellery looks good in a casual day-to-day attire.


Infinity Collection


Georg Jensen Sterling SIlver Infinity earrings pave set with Diamonds


Infinity collection is a set of the brand’s jewellery that can be great gifts for women. It is inspired by the infinity symbol which represents endless and timeless beauty and love.


A pair of Sterling silver infinity earrings with a paved set of brilliant cut diamonds will make a woman’s heart beats faster.


Shop For Georg Jensen Collection At Reading Jewellers


Undoubtedly, these charming collections have brought up a new level in fashion industry. Its artistic boldness design pieces will certainly captivate your fashion taste palettes. So, look for an established jewellery store in Reading and find this brand’s stunning collection today.




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