A lot of brides-to-be are often focused on their engagement rings that they often overlook the fact that they aren’t going to wear them forever. After the big day, it’s the wedding band that you’ll need to wear every day.

With this in mind, some of these brides-to-be tend to choose wedding bands from Berkshire jewellers that would go well with their engagement ring. This task might seem easy, but pairing a band to an engagement ring isn’t just about choosing a round band and calling it a day. Rather, it’s about choosing the perfect pair based on the design of your engagement ring.

Simple Solitaire

Regardless of the gemstone’s cut, a solitaire engagement ring works best with almost any wedding band. Jewellery experts, however, recommend pairing this versatile style with a thin pave diamond band to bring more sparkle to your hand.

Emerald Cuts

Rings with an emerald cut are often peculiar, especially since some pieces could get elongated. These rings often go well with a notched band with a rectangular shape to even out the cut.

Coloured Stones

What if your engagement ring boasts a coloured stone as its centrepiece? Jewellery experts recommend choosing a wedding band incorporating that particular gem. You could also go for a band that alternates between coloured and white gemstones, as it coordinates, rather than competing with, your engagement ring.

Three-Stone Rings

Experts regard three-stone rings as the easiest type that can be easily paired with a band. This type often goes well with a flat band, especially if these three stones are round. You can further add interest by playing with metal and diamond colour for an unexpected pairing.

A Commanding Ring

What if your engagement ring commands attention with its stand-out design? It’s best to forego the wedding band altogether, or you can opt for an equally eye-catching band for your right hand.

Unusual Shapes

Engagement rings with unusual shapes are surging in popularity in recent years, making it difficult for more brides-to-be to find a complementing wedding band. Experts recommend a band that will complement the curves of your engagement ring for an easy yet elegant combination. Finding such a band is often difficult, but you can always have your wedding rings customised by Reading jewellers, like those from Jacobs.

Finding a wedding band that works well with your engagement ring shouldn’t be difficult, now that you have these simple tips from jewellery experts!


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