After getting to know a girl for some time, you’re confident that she’s the one you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. Now, you’re ready to pop the big question and start the next chapter in your life as a couple. The next step is finding the perfect ring….

Looking for an Engagement Ring? Know These Things in Your Engagement Rings Reading

Women dream of the perfect proposal and wearing the most exquisite engagement ring that they could proudly show off. To put it simply, an engagement ring means a great deal for a woman. Thus, double your efforts into finding the perfect one among your choices of engagement rings by knowing these things first.

What’s her style?

Though you’ve been spending a lot of time together, you might not be familiar with her style. Make sure that, weeks before picking out an engagement ring, you pay close attention to her sense of style and taste. You can also talk to her closest girlfriends and ask them about her style preferences. Knowing this can lead you to a ring that she’ll most certainly like. Modern or traditional? Simple and elegant or extrovert?

What are your options?

Traditionally, engagement rings have a yellow gold metal band. Nowadays, though, you have a lot more options when it comes to the ring’s metal band. Other than yellow gold, you may opt for the more versatile white gold or the durable yet fashionable rose gold. Platinum is also a great option for the metal band as it is more hard wearing.

Similarly, engagement rings have different gemstones. Even if diamond rings are often the first choice, this doesn’t mean that it’s the only choice, now that jewellers are offering pieces embedded with precious stones like emeralds, opals, rubies, or sapphires. Your girlfriend might even find any of these stones more attractive than diamonds.

Do you want it customised?

You’ll have thousands of options when you look for engagement rings in Reading. Jacobs, for instance, offers a wide range of rings. One great thing about shopping for an engagement ring is that you can have it customised so that you can let her know that it’s hers alone.

More importantly, even if the task of choosing an engagement ring might sound daunting, always remember to keep a cool head. With all these information in mind, you can easily find the perfect ring of her dreams that can make her say “yes!”


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