Martine Hul’s beautiful concept gave rise to the uniqueness of Hulchi Belluni™. The word ‘Hul’ is from the love of a man for a woman. As all elements in life are brought to a balance, the positive energy ‘Chi’ will radiate. Belluni, or beautiful moon, certainly reflects in Hulchi Belluni’s finely-shaped details.


Jewellery shops in Reading aren’t all as ardent in selecting and crafting fine jewellery works. Only the best jewellers have a keen eye for aesthetically pleasing pieces and even creating beautiful pieces of artworks. That’s why Jacobs the Jewellers in Reading, chose Hulchi Belluni to partner with.


Reading jewellers like Jacobs are definitely fascinated by the sublime story of Hulchi Belluni™. The jewellery speaks love volumes which emanates a mysterious wonder. And so, jewellery shops in Reading are effervescent in presenting these alluring pieces.


Explore the Unique Principle Behind Hulchi Belluni™ Jewellery


Jewelleries, in the finest sense, evokes a magnificent feeling to the beholder. But, eliciting the feeling of love and positive energy is not easy. However, Martine Hul’s creative infusion of Feng Shui science allowed her to capture these two feelings in her works.


Positive ‘Chi’ energy is the centre of Feng Shui science. Thus, following this principle, it creates a balanced interaction between elements in their designs. All five elements of Feng Shui – wood, fire, water, earth, and metal –reflect harmony in the elegant pieces. Hence, the aspect of balance in the union of two-person whispers loves, as for how the name Hulchi Belluni came to be.


To showcase the mystical allure of the empyrean jewellery, Reading jewellers will be sharing the fascinating works that have captivated their senses.


Romance and Balance in Hulchi Belluni™ Jewellery


Hulchi Belluni™ has the concept of romance and balances polished in their stunning pieces. As the jewel emanates with lively energy (wood), it blazes with power (fire), yet soothed by wavy features (water) to make romance (earth) for abundant peace and luxury (metal).


Reading jewellery shops exhibit such exquisite pieces. Here’s a list of some of the designs.


Diamond ‘Tresore’ Bangle

Hulchi Belluni Diamond 'Tresore' Bangle

From the ‘Tresore’ collection, this spectacular bangle is truly a treasure. The three sliding clusters of diamonds as the centrepiece brings out a fiery passion. Yet, it is perfectly balanced by the 18ct white gold band with two-row open bar diamond top. Undeniably, this elegant bangle brings out a beautiful confidence from the wearer.


Amethyst ‘Quadrifoglio’ Pendant

Hulchi Belluni Amethyst 'Quadrifoglio' Pendant

Quadrifoglio, which means four-leaf clover, is the inspiration for this pendant’s design. As for how a four-leaf clover is held close to the heart, this simply elegant pendant makes the perfect necklace. The central cabochon quatrefoil 5ct amethyst with brilliant cut diamonds astonishingly brings out one’s grandeur.


Diamond ‘Monoi’ Ring

Hulchi Belluni Diamond 'Monoi' Ring

Isn’t it enchanting to gaze at flowers? The same goes true for the Monoi collection of Hulchi Belluni. Like petals dancing in the wind, the design of this Diamond Monoi ring is inspired by the queen of Polynesian flowers. This hallmarked 18 ct white and yellow gold ring with a 0.37ct diamond is the epitome of gentleness and splendour.


These sophisticated pieces are some of the Hulchi Belluni jewellery collection that can rarely be found in Reading. Such exceptional craftsmanship absolutely captivates the essence of love and balance.


Find the Best Hulchi Belluni™ Design in Reading


Jewellers’ exquisite and celestial qualities make them remarkable treasures.  Reading jewellery shops have the finest pieces such as the Hulchi Belluni™ collection. These pieces are spectacles to behold as it brings out one’s splendour and grace.


Find the best Hulchi Belluni™ jewellery in Reading today and shine like the mysterious beauty of the moon.




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