We've been buying jewellery and scrap gold from the public for over 75 years, so we we thought we'd share a bit about how we go about it. This covers the main points, but do contact us for more info or detail.

Let's take a look at jewellery first:

Lots of clients have old jewellery - maybe it's heirloom gold, silver, platinum, diamonds; rings, necklaces, bracelets or more. We buy items for 2 reasons:

1 - to add to our second hand range and sell as **articles**
2 - to **scrap** and recycle the precious metal into new jewellery via our specialist bullion partners

The first thing we do is let you know which of these two options is for your item/ items. Our range means we're selective about items for re-sale, but we'll always tell you up front, and if they're not for us - where possible - point you in the direction of somewhere who would buy your item as an article.

If we're interested in your jewellery as articles, we'll either make you an offer there and then, or ask you to leave it with us for a few days to appraise it and come to a final decision.

If it's scrap value, we'll normally:

- take a first look at the items + give you an indicative price, subject to testing. This is the price we pay you direct.

- If you're comfortable with this, we'll test your metal - this may require scratching it and testing with acid (this is where the term 'acid test' comes from - to firm up our offer

- On occasions we need to refer to our bullion specialists to test, and will send away with your permission, in order to firm up a price- this takes 2 working days, typically.

If you've any other questions, do ask us or book an appointment to drop in.