Expert Jewellers Share Helpful Advice on Selling Engagement Rings

This is where an expert jeweller comes in. Jewellery shops offer valuations for jewellery, including engagement rings, to determine if your old jewellery items are worth reselling. Before making the visit, make sure to heed these helpful advice to maximise the value of your jewellery.

Learn How Rings Are Valued

For diamond engagement rings, jewellers would often look at the stone’s so-called 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut, and carat. Determining the diamond’s value often becomes easier if you can produce its certificate, as the gemstone’s features are assigned with values and grades.

Apart from the 4Cs, diamond rings are also valued by its setting. Mounted diamonds, for instance, are harder to appraise since the mounting might hide some of its characteristics. Jewellers will also look into the metal’s purity, along with the ring’s design and condition.

By knowing the factors considered during a typical valuation, you might get a slight idea on the value of your diamond ring. Valuations will also help you determine a fair price for your ring should you decide to sell it on your own. A part exchange (as opposed to straight sale) value may boost your return too.

Do Some Research

Other than its quality, the value of your old jewellery would also depend on the current market trends. That’s why it also helps to do a precursory Google search and see the prices of similar rings. Note, though, that you should avoid comparing your jewellery with new ones. At the end of the day, used jewellery would typically fetch far less money than brand new jewellery.

Prepare Your Old Gems

Once you’ve done your homework, it’s time to prepare your old jewellery for the upcoming valuation. Start by having your jewellery cleaned, or even repaired if necessary. These simple fixes can work wonders in boosting the value of your jewellery. It’s also best if you include the original box, along with other relevant paperwork, to prove its market value and condition.

Whatever the reason you may have in selling your old jewellery, you can always seek the expertise of jewellers to provide a realistic value. By selling your old gems, you’ll then have more room for exquisite and elegant rings and necklaces.


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