Proposing to your partner may be the most exhilarating feeling in the world. All of your preparation, thoughts, and courage culminate in this grand moment.


But, when this time arrives, do you have the best engagement ring to propose with? Find out more on this blog why you can propose to your significant other with a ruby engagement ring.


Ruby Gems: Lore, Royal Affiliations, and Mystical Associations


Rubies, perhaps, are one of the most sought-after precious stones in the world. It is prominently featured in many royal pieces of jewellery including the English Crown Jewels. In fact, the Sovereign’s orb, St. Edward’s Crown, and Sovereigns Sceptre all have embedded rubies stones [The Crown Jewels]. But why are we so entranced by this gemstone?


Now, rubies were named after the Latin word, ruber, in reference to its colour. Its deep red hue prompted many to associate it with love and various mystical properties.


In the middle ages, it was thought that a darkening ruby warned of impending danger. During the thirteenth century, the gem was thought to cure liver problems if ingested in its powdered form. Rubbing it on the skin was also said to promote vitality and longevity.


Rubies were thought to improve motivation and can help you achieve your goals. Its presence was also said to promote companionship and integrity. Many romantic properties are associated with this stone. And as a result, many are proposing with engagement rings featuring this gemstone.


Now, take a look at the engagement bands which highlights this gemstone’s qualities.


Two Ruby Engagement Rings Which Embody Love Eternal


Ruby rings are one of the most elegant pieces of jewellery anyone can propose with. Here are 2 rings which best represents the ring’s properties.


Ruby and Diamond Ring

Ruby and Diamond Ring

With the gemstones embedded on a yellow gold band, this ring is a clear take on the classic and vintage ring styles. This Ruby and Diamond Ring suggests a classical ring style loved by many couples across the world.


Rubies are renowned for its mesmerising red colour and shine. This Ruby and Diamond Ring highlights this property by featuring a prominent ruby gemstone adorned by two diamonds. These are set on a tapered 18ct yellow gold band which brings out the beauty of the precious stones.


Diamond and Ruby Ring

Diamond and Ruby ring

Two lateral rubies are the highlight of this elegant Ruby and Diamond Ring. An unusual design, this ring showcases the red gemstone by not featuring it as the centrepiece.


Contrary to the ring above, the centrepiece on this diamond and ruby ring is not a ruby, but an elegant diamond stone. However, the highlight of this piece is actually the rubies. This ring’s platinum band and brilliant cut diamond centre showcase the deep red colour of the laterally placed rubies. This arrangement presents a subtle and elegant design and is ideal for partners with unique personalities.


Propose To Your Beloved With An Elegant Ruby Ring


A ruby’s deep red colour and brilliant sparkle evokes a feeling of love and signifies loyal companionship. So, wouldn’t it be lovely to propose to your one true partner this with a ring highlighting this gem?


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