This Christmas, we know many are considering popping the question to their partners. Sometimes, it can be daunting on two fronts – the question itself and the decision of whether to buy an engagement ring or not (let alone which type of ring). Over the years, we’ve found that the customers who opt for a ring as a surprise are spot-on with their choice almost 95% of the time, so if you’re considering it, be bold, and go for it!

We at Jacobs the Jewellers, the most trusted jewellery shop in Reading, have been helping customers choose their engagement rings for over 60 years, and during that time, we have helped a fair few decide on what specific type of ring they should purchase in our shop over a coffee and a chat. Here are a few initial pointers to help you on the journey, no matter where you’re shopping but remember nothing beats a visit in person to our jewellery shop.

Consider the intended person’s style – Modern or vintage? Delicate or physical? Their current jewellery may help you figure it out. If you have a camera phone, snap some pictures and take it to your jeweller; something may jump out at them to help you.

Consider his/her day-to-day lifestyle – Anyone that has an active or hands-on lifestyle should have a more durable engagement ring, perhaps leaning towards platinum as it’s a tougher metal than most makes.

Consider the gemstone – Almost all engagement rings are diamond, though more and more people are casting their net wider and choosing sapphire, emerald, or ruby. A gemstone that has meaning to the wearer can often be much more personal to them, albeit riskier to choose ‘blind’.

Look at the design build quality – Your ring comprises of typically two things: a gemstone (or gemstones) and the metal holding it. It’s very easy to fixate on the gemstone and most shops or sellers concentrate on diamonds, which are easily comparable. However, you have to pay particular attention to how a ring is made. Turn it over, and view it from the back to see any evidence of hollowing out or bad joins telling you that the ring is built for show, not to last.

Remember how long it’ll last – Jewellery is one of the few things you’ll purchase that should last a lifetime and beyond. Just consider how valuable many antique jewellery pieces are now. Choose a design that has longevity, can be sized easily when fingers change sizes, and can be serviced and looked after by experienced Reading jewellery shops.

We’ve not even touched on gemstones here. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help at Jacobs the Jewellers. Just get in touch, and good luck!