Yes, diamond rings may have been the most favourite piece for every woman. It is classic, elegant and never goes out of trend. But, have you thought of buying a ring with a rare gemstone on it?


Reading jewellers pick one signature piece that you would like to keep. This is none other than the chrysoberyl and diamond ring. It is one-of-a-kind jewel consist of cabochon Cat’s eye chrysoberyl in a four claw setting.


This precious stone is surrounded with 20 brilliant cut diamonds on a marquise-shaped pierce collet. Surely, your love of your life will definitely say “yes” because of its exquisite design.


Now, why is this a great piece that you can propose to your bride-to-be? Read on and know the interesting facts about chrysoberyl.


Start Your Love Story With A Chrysoberyl Engagement Ring


For a woman, getting engaged may be the most special and thrilling part of her life. To officially seal its lifetime commitment, engagement rings are given. Amongst the most popular rings are those with diamonds.


A diamond ring may be elegant and classic. But, there are other signature pieces you can perhaps explore. You can choose gemstone rings, such as sapphire, ruby, quartz, or maybe, chrysoberyl.


Yes, chrysoberyl. It is one of the hardest stone found and mostly used as gemstones for men’s jewellery. This precious gemstone has also different varieties. The rarest ones are the Alexandrite. Other varieties are Cat’s eye and the simply faceted as Chrysoberyl.


Each variety has special characteristics. And, its distinctive characteristics became an ideal option for engagement.


So, would you like to know why this is the best ring for you to pick? Let us take you to its origin and interesting facts about this wonderful gemstone called chrysoberyl.


What You Need To Know About Chrysoberyl Gemstones


Chrysoberyl was discovered in 1789 [Jewel Info]. It comes from the Greek work chrysos and berullos. Chrysos means golden whilst berullos means gem crystal.


In the ancient times, people wearing chrysoberyl rings will remain prosperous and have keenness in decision-making. It was believed that this precious gemstone can also gain self-confidence and compassion. This type of jewel also brings a peace of mind and positive attitude towards life.


What are its characteristics and value? Check out its 4Cs.




It has a wide array of colours. It can be shades of yellow and green like bluish green, yellowish brown, brownish green or greenish yellow. However, the most common ones are the shades of brown. Other colours are blue and gray.




This is actually one of the hardest stones. But, it can easily be cut in different shapes and styles by jewellery designers, too. Its common shapes can be round, pear, octagon, marquise, oval, cushion and cabochon.




It is known to be transparent to translucent in terms of clarity. This gem has also white coloured streaks and vitreous lustre. However, some countries produce it for being clean and transparent gems.


Carat Weight (ct)


Chrysoberyls are rarely produced. Its carat weight can go up to 100ctw and more if the size of the rough is large. But, the stone used as a gemstone can have a carat weight between 2 to 7ctw. Chrysoberyls with 10ctw are rare to obtain whilst 20ctw is even difficult to find.


Get this Perfect Chrysoberyl and Diamond Ring from Reading Jewellers


Diamonds may always be the most preferred engagement ring. But, isn’t it ideal to look for something different and meaningful?


Chrysoberyl engagement piece is a perfect piece to choose from. It does not only represents love and compassion. But, it is also a good investment to look after to. What’s great is that chrysoberyl rings can fit on your shoestring budget.


Make your engagement memorable. Find an independent jeweller in Reading like Jacobs that offers chrysoberyl engagement piece.




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