And this year, past jewellery trends from the past have made a comeback, bringing with them classic styles that have endured through the ages, as well as some new twists on old favourites. It's never too early to start thinking about jewellery for the 2020 holiday season -- so read on to learn about how Reading jewellers are sharing all those fabulous jewellery trends.


Jewellery trends in 2020


Vogue identified specific trends for 2019-2020 which are expected to continue through 2021 and beyond. The look of heirlooms and classic designs are at the top of the list, but whimsical retro trends that have also made their way to the forefront.




The grungy look of punk came back strong this past year. Reminiscent of the rebellious styles of the late-1970s, the look features stacked piercings and studded chokers.




Fashion houses are leaving their mark on their jewellery, with logos, abbreviations, and insignias -- another classic trend that's found its way back in 2020.


Neo-Parisian designs


This past year, classic Parisian designs returned in the form of cameos, brooches, pearls, and gold chains. From earrings to necklaces to bracelets, you'll see neo-Parisian jewellery incorporated in both understated and bold pieces.


Oversized chain links


Bold and beautiful is back. Borrowing from the gangsta look, you'll see oversized chain links dangling from ear lobes and adorning necks, wrists, and ankles.


Statement earrings


Earrings make definitive statements. You'll see oversized earrings with long rhinestone strands, studs decorated with mismatched adornments, and even pairs of earrings that have different lengths.


Bursts of colour


Think big, oversized hoops made of anything from plastic to paperclips, spouting neon splashes of colour. Fuschia, cyan, yellow, green, and red are just a few of the bright colours that are popular this year in whimsical jewellery. 




Playful trinkets are a big trend in earrings for 2020, from delicate charms to long-hanging handkerchiefs. Variety is as unlimited as the human imagination, and Vogue says that the only thing you can predict with this trend is its unpredictability.


Hot jewellery trends for women


Jewellery trends are so varied this year that you'll be sure to find the perfect piece of jewellery for each and every type of woman. Forbes and Lovely Bride let us know what's trending in women's jewellery, and Lovely Bride includes the latest trends on engagement rings.




Pearls are back, but according to Forbes, they're styled in contemporary ways which are very different than preppy or conservative images of pearls in the past. You'll see asymmetrical strings of pearls, or pearl necklaces combined with cameo earrings. Or you'll see a string of massive oversized pearls adorning the head, neck, wrist, or ankle.


Straight line arrangements 


Forbes anticipates that you'll see linear designs, particularly in drop earrings with single vertical jewel arrangements -- either with big bold gemstones or simple, delicate arrangements.


Full suite setting


Full suites of jewellery clusters are trending, perfect for covering the neck and complementing a plunging neckline during a party.


Minimalist rings


Simplicity and elegance are key for minimalist-style engagement rings. You'll notice a lot of engagement rings made with a single delicate band made of fine gold, frequently highlighting an oversized diamond.


Wedding bands with stacked settings


In fact, engagement rings are now being made to wear on the top of a wedding band stack. Lovely Bride says that stacks are here to stay, so you'll see this trend more frequently.


Solitaire stones


Engagement rings will come with an elegant, opulent look -- minimalist bands highlighting solitaire stones. 


Coloured gemstones


Blue sapphires became all the rage after Princess Diana and Kate Middleton received them as their engagement rings, and now sapphires in shades of pink, red, and peach are popping up for engagement rings.


Pear cuts


A pear cut style in diamonds are making more of an appearance this year.


East-west settings


Typically, the gemstone points vertically on an engagement ring, which is known as a north-south setting. The new trend, however, Lovely Bride reports, is the east-west setting, where the gemstone is turned horizontally and crosses over the ring finger. Imagine landscape, not portrait style!


Clustered settings


You'll also see diamonds, pearls, and more in clustered settings, especially for those VIP situations!


Split shanks


A variation on the stack, a split shank consists of two double bands separated by the head of the ring (where the gemstones reside).


Vintage-inspired pieces


Engagement ring designs inspired by past ages bring an heirloom feel to modern engagement rings.


Men's latest jewellery design ideas


This year, The Telegraph reports, a whole group of trends in men's designer jewellery have made the scene, mixing luxury, history, and starkness. Here are some of those trends: 



"Low-key," "pared back," and "luxurious" are the words The Telegraph used to describe men's jewellery designs: Understated minimalist cuffs and rings, in classic sterling silver or gold -- such as a simplified signet ring or a bangle in 18-carat gold.


Fusing form and function


Items that are now trending in men's fashion provide both style and functionality, such as a sterling silver key ring or an oversized hook charm made out of gold.


The jabot pin


Centuries ago, men wore ruffled white shirts with jabots -- those pieces of ruffle or lace flowing from the throat -- and the jabot pin kept the fabric in place. You may see this classic and elegant pin this year worn on men's ties, made from the finest gold or silver.


The stick


Once used to pin back the cravat of rich Victorian gents, men's stick pins in 2020 combine opulence and minimalism, conveying a tone of elegance married with success.


The winning post


It was common to wear a replica of the winning post as a tie pin during the Edwardian period. This symbol of wealth and success is back this year. Whether it's studded with diamonds or if it's just a simple statement made of sterling silver, the heirloom-style tie pin makes a fantastic gift for men.


Art Deco


Art Deco of the 1920s and 1930s featured geometric and linear designs in its jewellery. You'll see a variety of intricate designs this year that are reminiscent of this artistic period.


The modern bar


Vintage bar clips from the 50s are back, like a thick horizontal bar of sterling silver or gold. Whether it's smooth, sleek, and minimalist, or textured and engraved, the bar clip in gold or silver makes a powerful statement for any gent.


How to look fantastic with new trends in jewellery


Pop Sugar has some fantastic ideas on how to incorporate these exciting jewellery trends into everyday fashion statements.




This year, pearls appear in all sorts of unusual shapes. Feel free to mix and match pearl necklaces with gold earrings or, with studs adorned with your favourite Art Deco pieces. Wear a bulky chain link necklace over a roll-neck with pearl earrings, or try twisted hoops with a single string of pearls.


Chain links


Skinny jeans, a sleek leather clutch, and Lina point-toe leather ankle boots make a chic contrast to chain link jewellery.


Bold gold earrings


Chunky gold earrings or large gold hoops go perfectly with a simple sweater or roll-neck. Match with jeans, or as Pop Sugar recommends, faux leather if you want to look really bold. For a polished celebrity look, pull your hair back, put on those sunglasses, and slip on a classic trench coat or blazer.


Jacobs the Jewellers staff picks


Jacobs the Jewellers staff have picked out some of their favourites that will be sure to make you stand out in splendour when you wear these trending pieces over the holidays. 

  • Laura selected this 18 carat white gold diamond cluster ring -- it just shines of luxury and class, Seven brilliant diamonds are set in a sparkling cluster -- definitely, enough to get noticed if you want to be! 
  • Adam chose classic sterling silver and enamel cuff links. These Deakin and Francis cufflinks are perfect for any gent and make for a very special piece. 
  • Mel's favourite is the 18 carat white gold Tree of Happiness Brooch. A customer from Japan wrote to the famous jewellery company saying that her Mikimoto brooch brought her happiness, inspiring Mikimoto to design the "Tree of Happiness" brooch. Wish someone great luck and abundance this year by giving them the Tree of Happiness! 
  • Adam also chose this exquisite Art Deco-style diamond ring. The stunning platinum three-stone ring is a perfect example of the use of geometric and linear shapes of the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s.


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