Quality watches are an elegant finish to achieve a sophisticated and smart look. It also signals that the wearer has a great sense of style and a pleasant personality. Moreover, a quick glance at the wrist is a convenient and classy way to check time.


What’s more, a watch that has high quality is an excellent heirloom. A collection of timepieces from different eras reminds a person of those who lived before them. These signs of care and love reflect on these watches making them treasures to hold dear.


Jewellery shops in Reading are home to some of the most exquisitely-designed wristwatches. So, this blog will give some pointers to remember when choosing a watch.


Expert Reading Jewellers’ Tips in Choosing a Timeless Watch


With so many wristwatch designs today, it is essential to have a checklist of things to consider when choosing a piece. Measure the wrist size and preferred diameter of the watch face. Small faces are under 28mm which are typically ladies watches. A regular watch face diameter for men is between 29-38mm.


The band material, face colour, mechanism, and crystal cover of the watch face should be considered. For example, a leather band material is classic while the metal option leans on the contemporary side. Plus, there are mechanisms to look at such as quartz, automatic, or mechanical. As for the cover, there are options between sapphire, metallic glass and plexiglass.


Reading jewellery shops cater to a fantastic and extraordinary wristwatch design. Each design is tailored to signify class and style.


A Classic Watch Set from Jewellers in Reading

A watch is undeniably a timeless accent. It is an accessory that fits in any occasion. So, here are some perfect pieces that bring out pose, elegance and confidence:


Bremont Solo Polished White Dial Watch

Bremont Solo Polished White Dial Watch


This Bremont watch piece is ideal for casual wear since it adds a flair of sophistication and authority. Plus, it is a stable and robust wristwatch because of its polished stainless steel construction, scratch resistant PVD treated case barrel and water resistance.


Longines® La Grande Classique Watch

Longines La Grande Classique watch


A beautiful part of Longines® collection, the La Grande Classique is a set of classic watch designs. This 18ct yellow gold with quartz movement wristwatch exudes simplicity, elegance and beauty.


Tag Heuer Formula 1 Black Ceramic Watch

Tag Heuer Formula 1 black ceramic watch


For a sporty and stylish look, what could be better than the Formula 1™ series of Tag Heuer? This black ceramic watch has a polished stainless steel and ceramic bezel that ensures reliability and extensive operations. Plus, the metal strap adds to the contemporary design of the piece for a sleek finish.


Find the Classic Watch that Best Defines You Today


A person with a brilliantly-chosen watch certainly makes a striking impression. So, watch enthusiasts can access a wide range of magnificent wristwatches from Reading jewellers. The fascinating set of pieces are truly phenomenal.


With its outstanding quality, a watch piece can indeed last for the years to come. Find the ideal wristwatch from jewellery shops in Reading and create a striking impression today.




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