In the early 1880s to 1910, Art Nouveau was a response to rapid technological advancements and mass production brought by Industrial Revolution. Hence, artisans favoured organic forms and undulating curves that highlight humanity’s connection to nature.


But, deprivation during the onset of World War I made the Art Deco aesthetic prevail in the era. Several elements influenced this style, such as the excavation of King Tut’s tomb and the introduction of the Ballet Russes. These events became the background that gave Art Deco its inimitable style.


Clean lines, symmetrical and geometric patterns were favoured as it allowed women to boldly express themselves during the golden age. Sleek platinum combined with Diamonds and cubist geometry jewellery designs were embraced during this time.


To commemorate an avant-garde era in the history of jewellery, Jacobs the Jewellers features an Art Deco-inspired jewellery for October. Take a peek to this exquisite piece as the award-winning Reading jeweller celebrate its 70th anniversary.


Catch Jacobs' 7 Decades of Design Initiative for October


With a goal of raising £70,000 for the Royal Berkshire Hospital charity, Jacobs the Jewellers continue its year-long 70th anniversary celebration with exciting activities. Series of fundraising events are planned throughout the year and at the same time, directly donating to the cause can be done easily though JustGiving page.


Jacobs Jumpers skydived and took the leap on April 22nd which allowed them to raise £8,232. Moreover, a soapbox derby was held on September 8th, a golf day on September 14th and a gala dinner on October 6th. Initiatives running in parallel include every 2018 completed purchase to enter a prize draw.


Quarterly raffle draws are definitely one of the highlights of the anniversary. Astonishing mix of prizes from the October 2018 draw include a FOPE necklace, Eyesite voucher, Bulgari book and many others. With these activities, Jacobs the jewellers has reached £40,500 towards the goal as of October 5th.

One of the cornerstones of anniversary activities is the 7 Decades of Design. Jacobs’ in-house designers are creating an exclusive piece specific to a jewellery design era. For the month of October, check out the Art Deco-inspired jewellery to capture the imagination.


Be Stunning with Art Deco Jewellery from Reading


Art Deco is truly a revolutionary point in the history of jewellery design. So, take a look at the impeccable piece crafted by the independent Reading jewellery shop.

A stunning, bespoke-design and handcrafted three stone diamond ring inspired by the Art Deco style from the 1920s and 1930s [Product Link]. The Asscher cut diamonds set with the symmetrically set brilliant cut diamonds perfectly suit the Deco style with their geometric and linear shapes.


This ring is one of 7 unique pieces from 7 decades of jewellery design to celebrate our 70th anniversary. A percentage of the sale will be donated to the Royal Berkshire Cancer Charity.


Come and Visit Jacobs Jewellers in Reading Today


Exciting fundraising events are definitely planned out throughout Jacobs the Jewellers celebratory year. Jewellery shoppers and aficionados can still take part in the fundraising activities set by the award-winning Reading jewellery shop.

Join in the charity and take part in the excitement of Jacobs’ 70th anniversary. Check the full list of activity here.


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