Some may wonder what ring to show one’s sincerity and be a bit different. An excellent suggestion would be a London blue topaz from Jacobs’s Reading jewellers. Learn the details on this blog why this gemstone makes for one of the most meaningful engagement ring choices.


Find Serenity with Blue Topaz Engagement Rings from Reading Jewellers


Topaz is one of the hardest stone in the world and comes in a variety of colours. These are blue, brown, orange, grey, yellow, green, and pink; whereas colourless topaz is of the highest purity. Blue topaz, in particular, is one of the rarest and most prized amongst the topaz family.


Coming in three main shades, most of these topaz gems are irradiated to achieve the desired colour. The first one is London blue, next is Swiss blue and last is light sky-blue. But of the three shades of topaz, the most valuable is the London blue being rich in blue shades.


Symbolising bravery and sincerity, topaz makes it the perfect jewellery ring for an engagement proposal. Explore the other qualities of topaz that makes it a fine gift.


Associations and Meanings of Topaz Gemstones


A myriad of mysteries and meanings are surrounded this coloured blue gemstone. Perhaps it is because of its rarity in the natural world evokes so many myths around it. From then until now, this coloured blue gemstone embodies values that make it ideal to give to someone dear.


Ancient Civilisations Believed in its Power


Through the ages, the elegant blue gem was associated with innumerable myths and qualities. It may be due to the uncommon natural occurrence that civilisations believe it grants the wearer powers.


In fact, many associate this gemstone with calmness and level-headedness in most situations. And, it was widely believed to dispel cowardice and sharpen one’s wit.


Furthermore, the ancient Greeks believed it enhances the physical strength of the wielder. Whereas the ancient Romans said it improved weak eyesight.


Dubbed as the Writer’s Stone


The jewel’s comforting blue colour is said to help an individual’s thoughts and concentration. In Hindu beliefs, it is said to aid the wearer focus and meditate on important matters.


These attributes are what associated the topaz to those struggling with writer’s block. It is said to evoke ideas when forming speeches, stories and writing in general. This is why the gem is also called the writer’s stone.


Perfect Jewel of Love and Loyalty this Season


Topaz is one of the November birthstones, along with citrine. Proposing to a lover during the month with this stone makes it all the more special.


Other associations with topaz are sincerity, bravery, and love with everlasting loyalty. With many romantic traits revolving this gemstone, it leaves little to wonder why it is such a popular jewel amongst lovers expressing their affection.


Propose with a Solemn London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring


Today, topaz makes for stunning pieces of jewellery that evoke deep thoughts and signifies unending loyalty and love.


So, what better way to propose to your life partner than with a serene engagement ring? Let your partner be adorned with this beautiful London blue gemstone along with brilliant diamond accents on a precious white gold metal.




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