When looking for possible engagement rings, look no further. Jacobs,  Independent Reading Jewellers always have a wide selection of rings, allowing those ready to take the plunge in selecting the right ring for the moment.


Engagement Rings Crafted with Elements from Nature


Engagement rings for wedding proposals have been a tradition for thousands of years. From the bands of ancient Egypt to Kate Middleton’s gorgeous sapphire ring; astoundingly, there is a rich history behind these dazzling jewellery pieces.


Whilst the precious stones may vary, most rings for engagement are made from platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Each aspect of this ring is tailored to represent the partner. In fact, there are various symbolisms regarding the materials used in crafting this finest piece. Now, here are some tips to choose the right engagement ring.


Tips from Berkshire Jewellers in Choosing an Engagement Ring


Expert jewellery makers are consistently honing their craft in producing gorgeous engagement rings for their clientele. From diamonds, rubies and sapphires, to gold, and platinum; there are multiple ring options to choose from. Here are some expert tips from Berkshire Jewellers.


Choose the Precious Metal


Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the most popular metals for engagement and wedding rings. Platinum, in particular, is the most prestigious choice for a ring. This exquisite metal is best for rings with a sophisticated style.


Yellow gold is the traditional choice for the ring. Its peerless shine makes it a popular choice amongst those who prefer a more vintage style ring.


Consider Your Partner’s style


Now, you may fancy a vivid and glamorous ring; yet, it may not be in his or her best interest to wear such a piece. Hence, understanding your significant other’s style should be one of the aspects to take note of before buying a ring.


This Platinum Brilliant Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring, for example, is best for individuals who dress rather fairly.  Whilst this 18ct Yellow Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Ring is ideal for the more glamorous partner.


Identify How Much You Can Afford


There is an old American saying that one must spend at least three months’ worth of salary for the ring. Though this statement might not be particularly true; it certainly suggests that clients should consider their budget beforehand in this important investment.


Start Your Love Story with Berkshire Engagement Rings Today


February is the season of love, romance, and the time for commitments.  This makes it the perfect month to propose to your beloved partner.


Look for engagement bands crafted by Reading, Berkshire Jewellers when looking to propose this season. Their vast selection of intricate rings may help you find the ideal ring for your future life partner.




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