However, taking care of opal diamond jewellery can be overwhelming at first. Opal is a stark opposite of diamond’s characteristics. But, although fragile, this elegant gemstone is one of the most fascinated stones since time immemorial.


Remember, owning a precious jewellery is like nurturing a relationship. So, before you get to choose that opal diamond ring, you need to know how you can take good care of it. You need to maintain its original shape and preserve its setting.


So, read further and learn how you can maintain and preserve its elegance with these aftercare tips.


How Reading Jewellers Take Good Care of Opal Diamond Rings


Opals are the birthstone for the month of October. Its distinctive characteristics signify vibrancy due to its wide range of colours all mixed together. But, this precious gemstone is also delicate and soft which needs an extra care.


Meanwhile, diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth. But, this doesn’t mean it is not also indestructible. It can be cut or polished by another diamond. However, a hard blow can cause it to chip.


This only means that having these two precious stones in one signature piece also need a great responsibility. If you want to set this as an investment, make sure you have the capability to care and maintain its original shape.


Fortunately, Reading jewellers like Jacobs can provide you with aftercare services. They help clients to understand how to best keep their jewellery in good condition.


Now, how opal diamond rings get cleaned and cared? Here are some of the helpful aftercare tips.


Tender, Love and Care for Opal Jewellery Rings


Most jewellery designers recommend using both opal and diamond stones because of its brilliance in colours. This makes it an ideal signature piece for an October wedding. But, how can you keep its original shape after you take your vows?


Never Wear It When Doing Rough Work


This is the most important way to care this type of ring. Opals can easily be scratched and broken. It can even lose its glitz and glamour when exposed to harsh chemicals.


So, when you do household chores, make sure you wear gloves or remove the ring from your finger.


Wear It Regularly To Prevent Dehydration


Opals are made up of 6% water [Opal Auctions]. So, it needs to absorb a certain amount of moisture to preserve its structure. Or else, opals can crack if it’s dried out.  Hence, don’t lock them away in your jewellery boxes. Instead, wear it regularly to prevent dehydration.


Store Gently


Diamonds can only be scratched with another diamonds. But, opals must be kept away from other jewellery pieces. All you need is store this piece with a soft pouch to prevent it from any contact.


Clean Carefully


You can have your opal rings cleaned with a professional jeweller. Your ring should be cleaned by a professional jeweller once in a year. Although you can still clean on your own, might as well let the jeweller clean it for you.


Let Reading Jewellers Take Care of Your Opal Diamond Rings


Just like marriage, caring for your rings must have love and gentleness. By following these aftercare tips, rest assured your ring stays safe and protected. You can also buy delicate jewellery cleaners.


But, if you want to preserve its original setting and shape, let a jeweller in Reading such as Jacobs do it for you.




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