Today, however, rings embedded with coloured gemstones such as emeralds are slowly gaining popularity. Worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry, emerald rings dare to break the mould of traditional engagement rings long dominated by diamonds. At the same time, emeralds lend an eye-catching sparkle to the woman who wears it proudly on her finger.

A Gemstone Worthy of Venus

It’s not that hard to see why some feel an emotional connection with emeralds. Since time immemorial, emeralds have been associated with love and faith. Apart from these virtues, emeralds also evoked balance, growth, harmony, and prosperity.

Ancient Romans, in fact, have offered these precious gemstones as gifts to Venus, the goddess of love herself. Apart from its historic significance, emeralds are also believed to calm and soothe agitated minds. These gemstones were even seen to bless the wearer with the gift of foresight.

More importantly, emeralds have always been associated with nature. Though there are other green-coloured gems such as peridot and tourmaline, emerald is the one made synonymous with the earth’s richest and liveliest landscapes. It’s also the gemstone that reflects new growth brought upon by spring.

Colour Matters

When the time comes to choose an emerald engagement ring, colour should be your first and foremost concern. Everyone’s eyes will naturally be drawn to the ring’s centrepiece, so it’s important to make the right choice.

Several factors should be taken into consideration, including the gem’s hue, tone, and saturation. Generally, you should always opt for a lively and vividly-coloured emerald as a captivating centrepiece of your engagement ring.

Getting the Right Cut

Though emeralds can look stunning in almost any cut, this gem can look even more exquisite with the classic emerald cut. Its wide table facets are effective in showcasing the gem’s size, and can have a mesmerizing effect upon everyone’s eyes. Round cuts, on the other hand, are effective in bringing out the gem’s brilliance and sparkle.

With its rich hue and captivating looks, emeralds are the perfect centrepiece for an exquisitely-designed engagement ring. It’s not a traditional option, but emerald engagement rings are perfect for women with modern and eclectic tastes. Find a wide range of emerald rings from the nearest jewellery shops today!


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