Since it’s one of the few pieces of jewellery you’ll be wearing daily, wedding bands are easily susceptible to damage. Soon, you might be surprised to see subtle changes with the ring’s shape. Worse, the band itself might get misshapen.

Bent wedding bands are among the most common issues that jewellers encounter. Many people, however, fail to notice that their ring has already bent until they take it off their finger. This might come as a shock, as people wrongly assume that gold or platinum is virtually indestructible.

What Causes Rings to Bend?

Typically, most rings bend due to physical pressure. Wedding bands, after all, are worn throughout the day, particularly during work. Here, your bands are susceptible to outward forces. Thin bands, in particular, have a higher risk of bending.

The ring’s metal can also be a factor. Heat makes metals softer and more malleable. In time, frequent exposure to heat and pressure can cause it to become thinner, softer, and more vulnerable to bending. Rings made of gold are easier to bend due to its pliable nature. Harder metals, such as silver and platinum, can still be misshapen, though not as easily.

Preventing a Bent Wedding Band

A bent ring might seem inevitable, but you can do something to prevent it for as long as possible. The best way to prevent any damages to your wedding band is to remove it when doing heavy manual work or playing contact sports.

Generally, you should opt for ones with a sturdier band, especially if you’re after rings made of yellow gold or silver. You can also ask a jeweller to add more metal to the base of the band for added durability.

Jewellers Can Fix Bent Rings

Once the inevitable happens, have your wedding bands brought to an expert jeweller for repairs. Straightening a misshapen ring isn’t too difficult, especially if it doesn’t have gemstones. Jewellers will simply use a “mandrel”, or a cone-like rod, to restore the ring’s original shape.

Ideally, you’ll want your wedding bands to last for a lifetime. This is possible, of course, but only if you do your part in taking extra care of your rings and seeking expert advice from jewellers every now and then and trust Jacobs and their on site workshop to help you out.


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