In fact, men from across all walks of life wear stunning and stylish watches. It symbolises status and personality. Celebrities, athletes, and political leaders are often seen sporting their favourite pieces when in public.


So, how do you choose the best chronometer for your man? Read more on this article about the different watch designs which fits his lifestyle.


3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Watch for Him


“Clothes make the man”


...It is a quite popular and, arguably, truthful saying. Wearing the right attire can signal to others who you are and your status in life. And, wristwatches are amongst the most iconic part in a man’s clothing which can show it the most.

But, with so many designs to choose from, how can you pick out the best style which will fit his daily attire? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right watch.

Tip 1. Consider the events he often goes to

Many watches are designed to fit a certain occasion. Black/ White tie events require the attendant to wear formal clothing. Therefore, it would be best to wear a simple dress watch with a black leather strap as will match with the sleek formal attire [Real Men, Real Style].

Tip 2. Match it with his other jewellery

Some men adorn metal bracelets as part of their daily wear. So, it would be ideal to match the watch with the jewellery’s colour. This will prevent the colours from clashing and result in a stunning look overall.

Tip 3. Pick a watch which will complement his footwear

Matching the watch colour with his preferred footwear is always a good idea. Give him a brown leather-strapped watch to complement his brown leather shoes. Likewise, choose a silver watch to go with his grey or blue pair of shoes.

Now, let us take a look at three prime examples to watch gift ideas.

Top 3 Picks for the Ideal Men’s Watch

How would you describe the image of a strapping and sophisticated man?

Most likely, you would visualise it as someone who would wear an exquisite and stylised wristwatch. This, however, is not always the case. Some men look rather dashing with a rugged metal watch whilst others look more appealing with a classic leather strap chronograph.


So, check out these top wristwatch 3 picks for every kind of man.

Longines Gents Automatic Master Collection

This watch is made for the classic retro-style lover. The Longines Gents features a 40mm circular stainless steel face with automatic movement and a brown alligator strap. Moreover, it has sub dials which show the moon phase, date, and month. This is a perfect gift for a man who’s out to show the world what he is capable of.

Bremont Boeing Model 247

This is an ideal accessory for an active man. The Bremont Boeing Model 247 prominently features a 43mm automatic chronometer watch with Custom 465® Stainless Steel. Its scratch-resistant construction reduces the likelihood of the clock face dulling due to the wearer’s daily activities.

It also features a Black metal dial with SuperLumiNova® coated hands, numerals, and two subdials along with NATO military Bremont Boeing nylon strap. This is the best partner for a man who is always on-the-go.

Tag Heuer 43mm Aquaracer watch

The Tag Heuer 43mm Aquaracer watch has an iconic design that even non-watch enthusiasts recognise. This submariner prominently features a black ridged dial with luminescent tapered markers and hands. It also has a scratch-resistant face and is water-resistant for up to 500 metres.


This Tag Heuer watch can definitely go well with almost any attire. Perhaps, it could be one of the ultimate watches for daily wear.

Give Him an Authentic and High-quality Watch this Season

What a man wears can speak volumes about his status. The way he carries himself is an excellent symbol of his achievements. And, the wristwatch is the perfect item to send a subtle yet strong message to his peers.


So, contact a trusted Reading jewellery shop today and find the perfect watch for him this Christmas season.



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