Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary


Your wedding anniversary can be celebrated, and here are some reasons we thought of why!


It’s a time to remember your wedding.


An anniversary is a way to remember your wedding day and the feelings that you felt that day. You should remember the way that you were feeling on that day, whether you were nervous, excited, or overwhelmingly happy (or all of them)!


You should think about the love that you felt for your husband or wife (and how you couldn't imagine loving him or her any more than you did that day).


As well as the good that you have shared.


Many couples reflect about bad times. However, it’s important to spend time together thinking about all of the good times that you have had. It’s always nice to think about some of your favourite anniversary celebrations and some of your favourite trips that you have taken together. If you have a family, remember how you felt when you got pregnant (or your wife did) and how you felt when you completed your family.


And celebrate each other (and your relationship).


Your anniversary is a fabulous reason to celebrate. You have made it so far, even when some may have given up! 


Because of this, you need to celebrate each other and your relationship. Do something to make each other feel special and remember why you love him or her that much.

Ideas for Your Wedding Anniversary


Now that you have decided to do something special for your anniversary, you may be wondering what you should do. There are many different things that you can do to celebrate your wedding. Some of these include:


Renew your wedding vows.


Though this isn't common, many people like to renew their wedding vows to each other in front of their friends and family. They decide to recommit to each other and their marriage. This is most commonly done at a bigger anniversary (like your tenth or twentieth).


Celebrate with your family and friends.


Many couples decide to celebrate an anniversary party so that they can celebrate their love with family and friends. Sometimes, family and friends decide to throw a surprise wedding anniversary party.

Though this can be elaborate, it doesn't have to be. Even just sharing a meal out with family and friends who have supported you throughout the years can be a great way to celebrate.


Relive your first date.


Another common anniversary idea is to relive your first date. Think about your first meeting and date. Where did you go, and what did you do? Sometimes spending time doing the things that you used to enjoy can really help bring the spark back to your marriage.


The most common anniversary date is dinner, with or without a film.


Dinner is a very nice way to celebrate your marriage. It doesn't even need to be very fancy, just somewhere that you both enjoy going to. Just getting dressed up a little nicer than normal and spending time together may be just what you need.


You don't even have to go out. Many couples enjoy picking up a meal and bringing it home to eat in front of a good film or a fireplace.


Many people enjoy watching their wedding video.


Another common activity to do on an anniversary is to get your video out and watch it together. Then, you can see and remember exactly how you felt on that day! 

Try something new.


One way to grow as a couple is to try something new. Do something together that you have never done before, whether it is to go on holiday to a new place or try an activity that you have always wanted to try.


Match the gift with your anniversary year.


Then, there are couples who go the traditional route. Each anniversary year has a special gemstone to mark each milestone that you pass.


Celebrate with Precious Gemstone Jewellery


Many people prefer to celebrate their anniversaries with precious gemstone jewellery. Each year has its own gifts that you should give or receive for your anniversary.


First anniversary


gift certificate from Jacobs the Jewellers. When you don't know exactly what to get your wife, a gift certificate can be the best choice. All you have to do is let us know the amount, and we will create a bespoke gift certificate for her to spend at her leisure.


Fifth anniversary


Jewellery box. A jewellery box is a great and practical gift for both women and men. We offer multiple sizes and colours so you will be sure to find something to help your special someone store gifts and treasures from the last five years you have had together, plus all there is to come!


Tenth anniversary


Eternity ring. This is the perfect symbol for those who have been married for a decade. An eternity ring completes a bridal set perfectly.


Fifteenth anniversary


Ruby jewellery. Another word for ruby is ratnaraj, which means king of precious stones, making it the perfect gift for your fifteenth anniversary.


Twentieth year


Emerald jewellery. When people think of emeralds and their green colour, they think about spring and renewal of life. This makes it a perfect gift for those who are celebrating twenty years together.


Twenty-fifth year


Silver jewellery. Silver is the perfect gift for those who have been married for twenty-five years. It signifies the sweet times that you have spent side by side, including getting married, buying a home, raising children, and watching them leave the nest. It also signifies the sweet times that you can enjoy in the future, as you reach retirement and have even more time together.


Thirtieth year


Pearl jewellery. Cultured pearls take time to grow, just like your love. You started out starry-eyed in a love that has grown to last a lifetime. Because of that, cultured pearls make the perfect gift.


Even better, there are four types of pearls so you can be sure to find something that is perfect for your love of thirty-years.


Thirty-fifth year


Platinum jewellery. Platinum symbolizes a relationship that will endure, which makes it perfect for a milestone anniversary. It is also rare, just like couples who have endured throughout the years.


Fortieth year


Ruby jewellery. The colour of ruby has been described as a mysterious inner fire that can't be extinguished. If you have been married for forty years, the same could be said of your love. You have spent many years together, some good and some bad, yet here you are. You are completely committed and your love burns bright, like a ruby.


Fiftieth year


Gold jewellery. Gold is often thought of as timeless, making it a perfect anniversary gift for those who have been together for fifty years. If you think back on the past fifty years, you have made a lot of memories together. You also probably have a house full of family during the holidays, with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.


Sixtieth year


Diamond jewellery. Diamonds are considered the hardest mineral on earth. There are also a lot of factors needed to make the perfect diamond. It takes high temperatures and certain pressures to make a diamond.

Your marriage of sixty years is similar. You are shaped by different factors in your life and you have grown stronger because of it. You should be proud to have survived. Others will admire your long union and may even ask for advice because your marriage is strong, as strong as a diamond!


If you are serious about finding the perfect anniversary gift for your perfect someone, you should contact us today. We will be glad to help you find the right gift, no matter how long you have been married. We are proud of our jewellery, especially the ones that we offer for milestone anniversaries.