The Most Important Design Elements for the Perfect Wedding Bands

Of course, wedding bands can be made more meaningful when you have them designed by expert jewellers. In fact, some jewellery shops offer design services, allowing you to customise your ring’s design and make it even more meaningful. Start designing your own ring by considering these elements.

The Metal

Nowadays, there are numerous precious metals used for wedding bands. Among these metals, platinum is considered the most durable and the most versatile, though the most expensive option. Still, platinum is worth considering if you’re after a long-lasting (and hypoallergenic) ring. Palladium is a viable alternative, if you’re not quite comfortable with the weight of platinum rings.

If you’re after an eye-catching wedding ring, you can never go wrong with gold. This metal also comes in different colours other than yellow gold, like white gold and rose gold. You can even combine two tones to create stunning pieces. On the other hand, sterling silver is the best choice if you want to integrate intricate details into your wedding band.

There’s an ideal metal for any of your design needs. For adventurous couples, you can also opt for unconventional metals such as tungsten, cobalt, or titanium.

The Shape

After deciding on the metal you’ll work with, it’s time to decide on the ring’s shape. While you can always opt for the traditional-shaped wedding bands, this shape might not work if the bride decides to wear it alongside their engagement ring. In this case, you’ll want to ensure that both rings will go well together. For this, you’ll want to design a curved or fitted wedding ring.

Even if you don’t have to shape your wedding bands, you must still consider its profile. Will it be rounded on the inside and out, or flat on the inside and round on the outside? There are other ring profiles to consider, so make sure to talk through your options with a jeweller.

Designing your own wedding bands doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you entail the help of an expert jeweller like those from Jacob’s. Ask jewellers about their design services, and see how they can create the perfect ring for your big day.


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