Affianced couples who are in the process of planning their wedding can never be too picky when it comes to their choice of jewellery. Fortunately, buyers with discriminating tastes can turn to a trusted independent jeweller no other than Jacobs, for bespoke wedding rings in Reading and Berkshire that match their personal style.

Of course, the quest does not stop at your choice of wedding rings alone. Any bride who wishes to invoke a bit of good luck by wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” would know that a piece of jewellery often constitutes that something new.

For a truly resplendent and inspired wedding day look, why not opt for diamond earrings and pendants punctuated by other precious gemstones? Consider opal, for instance, which reflects every colour of the rainbow.


Why Opal?

The main reason behind opal jewellery’s popularity is the play of colours that occurs when the stone is viewed from different angles and under various lighting conditions. Such a colourful display is possible because of the microscopic spheres of silica that diffract white light within the gem.

Colour-filled opals not only accentuate the purity of diamonds but also bear a complementary symbolic meaning. Whereas diamonds symbolise eternity, opals stand for true love. Many people also ascribe mystical properties to opals, including the power to harness positive energy. Additionally, opal is the birthstone for those born in October.

Choosing the Ideal Opal

When choosing the kind of opal jewellery that complements your wedding bands in Berkshire or in Reading perchance, there are certain factors to consider. First, you need to choose from three main types: common opals, precious opals, and fire opals. You can’t go wrong with precious opals that are valued for their unmatched iridescence. Second, there are different levels of opals. Solid opals don't have anything attached to them, whilst doublets and triplets are often layered with other materials. This composition affects the resulting play of colours.

Make the Right Choice

You deserve the kind of wedding day jewellery that is as memorable and as unique as your love story. Talk to Jacobs, an independent and trusted local jewellery shop in Reading, on how to choose the ideal pieces to pair with your wedding ring.


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