Ever since 1912, the Peridot has been the official August birthstone. But, its history goes as early as 1500 B.C according to ancient papyri records. It was then known as chrysolite and was mined for over 3,500 years at Zabargad Island. Archaeological evidence also shows that Cleopatra VII’s known favourite ‘emeralds’ were actually Peridots.


For such a marvellous semi-precious stone, the Peridot has also gained its place amongst gods in ancient Hawaiian folklore. Pele, the volcano goddess, is known for being generous yet dangerous at the same time. From her tears, she brought the gift of Peridot which was thought to have the power of healing, wealth and growth. Truly, its green-gold brilliance signifies vitality and happiness.


No wonder why this gem is given to celebrate a 16th wedding anniversary whilst other couples let Peridot accentuate their engagement rings. So, in this blog, let us bring you to an enchanting journey to see why queens and goddesses have admired this semi-precious stone.


Glittering Green on August with Opulent Peridot


Peridot is recognised as the gem of the sun but it is also known as the ‘Evening Emerald’. It shares similarities with the Emerald, however, its intensity if softer. If beautifully faceted, it captures light of late summer and shades of the onset of fall. No wonder it is esteemed to carry the healing powers of the sun and drive away darkness in early civilisations.


Such a captivating gemstone is surely surrounded with enchantment and mystery. It is believed that some Peridot crystals were discovered in fallen meteors, in Mars and the moon in olivine form. August celebrants are known for their warmth and brilliance. The excellent transparency and attractive, vitreous lustre is truly befitting to be the August signature gemstone.


Now that August is just around the corner, it is the best time to captivate the last summer brilliance and welcome the magical charm of fall. So, take a look at some of the finest Peridot jewellery pieces from Reading jewellery shops.


Get Ready to be Dazzled with These 4 Peridot Signature Pieces


What makes a Peridot distinctive? Sparkling green with a hint of gold, that is a Peridot. But, there are still a lot that you will love about them. Here is an exquisite collection of Peridot jewelleries in Reading:


18ct Yellow Gold Peridot Earrings

18ct yellow gold peridot earrings


Simple yet stunningly elegant, this splendid pair of stud earrings is a magnificent gift. Its 18ct yellow gold oval, four claw set Peridot definitely captivates a beholder’s eye.


18ct White Gold Peridot Earrings

18ct White Gold Peridot Earrings


This 18ct white gold hallmarked oval rub with a Peridot gem on post and butterfly fittings is a remarkably fascinating pair of earrings. It complements an outfit for an elegant glamour.


18ct Yellow Gold Peridot Drop Pendant

18ct yellow gold peridot drop pendant


A spectacular outfit will never be complete without a Peridot pendant. Two of this magnificent, semi-precious stone that is designed in one pendant will definitely give an ethereal charm.


18ct Gold Peridot + Diamond ring

18ct Gold Peridot + Diamond ring


A gemstone with excellent transparency and attractive lustre is a perfect centrepiece for a ring. The hallmarked 18ct white and yellow gold with diamond cluster ring is certainly perfect as a gift or as engagement ring.


Find Stunning Jewelleries Meant for You in Reading


Indeed, the celestial beauty of Peridot is unanimously timeless. Even until today, jewelleries set with this semi-precious stone have mesmerised many wearers. Such classic charm and extraordinary grandeur have made jewellery collections as cherished treasures.


So, get ready to be dazzled with bespoke Peridot jewellery piece today. Find one that would absolutely complement your personality or perhaps as an engagement ring for your bride-to-be.




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