Though technological advancements have allowed expert craftsmen to create a diverse palette (in the form of white and pink or rose gold), yellow gold remains the most popular choice among jewellery enthusiasts. There’s something about this hue that simply sparkles with elegance and timeless appeal.

Alloying Gold and Caratage

One thing to know about gold jewellery is that these are not made of pure gold. In its purest form, gold is actually soft, malleable, and easily deteriorated by wearing and tearing. To create jewellery pieces, craftsmen combine gold with metals such as silver, copper, and zinc – a process known as alloying. This is also how gold jewellery gets its colour.

One would only look at the jewellery's caratage to determine the purity of gold. Typically, 24 carat is gold in its pure form, and lower-numbered carats have lesser amounts of this metal. In the UK, jewellery must be at least 9 carats before it can be considered gold.

A Look at 18 Carat Gold

If you're after the next best thing to pure gold, 18 carat gold should be at the top of your list. This particular carat is made of 18 parts gold and 6 parts metals, a composition that's as close to gold in its purest form. It's also harder and more durable, which makes it ideal for your wedding ring in many ways.

For one, 18 carat gold closely resembles the colour and glow of pure gold. In other words, 18 carat gold rings have an intensely and deeply yellow colour that can instantly turn heads. Furthermore, as it contains lesser metals in its composition, 18 carat gold rings are ideal for those who are sensitive to nickel.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this alloy is its soft look that tends to develop a patina of wear. Such a patina works best for rustic and antique-inspired jewellery. As time passes, 18 carat gold develops a deeper and richer hue, and its inner beauty begins to manifest.

Expert jewellers, such as those from Jacobs, have been creating and selling magnificent jewellery pieces out of 18 carat gold. Visit their shops today and find the perfect wedding ring that exudes magnificence and splendour.


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