Who knew that both fantastical and practical elements make for a stunning combination? This marriage is at the core of each piece produced by world-renowned Danish brand Georg Jensen. For over a hundred years, this jewellery brand has been the epitome of quality craftsmanship and timeless design.

The Jensen brand makes a range of lifestyle products, including timepieces, jewellery, and home products, most of which can be found at nearby jewellery shops. You might be wondering, though: what’s the secret to the lasting success of the Georg Jensen brand?

Inspired by Fairy Tales

Georg Jensen, the man behind the widely-successful brand, was influenced by the magical landscape of his childhood surroundings. He was able to see the fantastical out of seemingly ordinary elements, and has designed works of art that were always both decorative and practical. All of these elements were incorporated into each of his jewellery pieces and cutlery, which he sold from his shop in central Copenhagen in 1904.

Jensen never kept these artworks to himself, though. He knew that his products needed to be showcased on the world stage, and he grabbed the opportunity to do this at the Pan Pacific Exposition in 1915. His works impressed American media magnate Randolph Hearst, who purchased all of his work and became the catalyst of the growth of a jewellery brand.

What Sets Jensen Pieces Apart

Out of all jewellery brands, Jensen was one of the few who initiated artistic and design partnerships with renowned sculptors and designers of their time. With this initiative, the Jensen brand continues to represent every leading design movement from the 20th century. The brand was able to collaborate with renowned names like Henning Koppel, Arno Malinowski, Arne Jacobsen, and Verner Panton. You can see a range of their designs here.

Jewellery experts describe the Georg Jensen style as the combination of Art Nouveau and a timeless and distinctive vigour that remains relevant today. The Georg Jensen brand further believes in values like integrity, authenticity, and Danish design.

The Brand Today

Georg Jensen continues to be a pioneer in design movements of the 20th century, and is widely renowned for keeping their designs relevant and current. These attributes would explain why the brand continues to grow and attract the younger generation, despite their years in the industry.

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