The world has always been fascinated with precious gemstones, so much so that jewellery adorned with such gems are popular gift ideas for many occasions. Diamonds are perhaps the most famous among precious stones, but when it comes to vivid colour and brilliance, nothing comes close to rubies. Rubies are rare gemstones and they come in a magnificent red colour that makes them a fine gem of choice for many jewellers in Reading or anywhere else.

Red Ruby Gemstone

Corundum Conundrum: Ruby’s Beginnings

Rubies are made from corundum, the same mineral from which sapphires are also derived. What sets it apart from sapphire is that only the gems that came from red corundum is meant to be called a ruby, all the others are classified as sapphires. Corundum is one of the hardest minerals found on Earth, getting a score of 9 on the Mohs scale and is colourless in its pure state. The addition of trace elements like iron, titanium, chrome, or vanadium gives the ruby its distinct red colour. Each stone is made deep inside the Earth’s core, but its chrome component could potentially cause fissures and cracks on the crystals. For this reason, only a handful of perfect ruby crystals can grow to considerable sizes, and these are the most expensive ones.

A Ruby by Any Other Name

Colour, more than anything else, is the ruby’s most important feature. Rubies come in various shades of red, but the rich red of the Burmese rubies are the standard for colour quality as they can shine in virtually any lighting condition. The name ruby was derived from the Latin word “rubens” which means “red”. In Sanskrit, a ruby is called “ratnaraj” which roughly translates to “king of the gemstones”. They are also quite durable with a hardness that comes second to that of a diamond, thereby making it an ideal gemstone for jewellery.

Caring for Ruby Jewelleries

Rubies are durable so they can easily hold against the normal wear and tear; however, like any gemstone, it could lose its natural shine and allure when not taken care of properly. You would want to protect your ruby jewellery from getting a cloudy appearance, so before you put it on, make sure that you already applied your skin lotions and other cosmetic sprays. Clean them periodically using warm water, mild soap, and a gentle brush. Always go to an expert jeweller from establishments like Jacobs the Jewellers in Reading for repairs or simply to make sure that your precious fiery gems are secured on their mountings.


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