Striking jewellery and watches need an equally striking case. Put them in something that speaks to your personality. You may wear for style with a more Rococo-inspired gilded pieces, or a sleek leather case. But, no matter what pleases you, Reading jewellery shops can offer.


Reading Jewellery Shops Offering Wolf Watch Boxes Collection


Fall in love with their timeless watch cases that house favoured timepieces. These pieces are works of art themselves. By using only premium materials such as leather and lizard skin, Wolf Watch Boxes are handmade to perfection. Additional touches such as metal grommets and cut-outs add flair. 


Take a journey through some of their recent collections. Which of these pieces are suited for you?


For the Classic Gentleman


Every English gentleman needs a good watch case. This keeps timepieces safe from tarnish and damage. Because watches are timekeeping treasures, it would be best to store these in a bespoke watch box.


This doesn’t mean that watch boxes have to be plain or boring. This also has to look as chic and put-together as your timepieces.  


With a crisp, minimalist sense of style, a Wolf Roll-Up watch box is for you. The Blake collection, in particular, brings together sleek lines with premium materials.


These cases come in either pebbled black and brown lizard skin. Designed for those who have an understated, luxurious sense of style, these are created with utmost attention to detail.


For the English Rose


Feminine. Elegant. Chic. A classic English rose is all these things and more. This girly sensibility also extends to how they keep their precious belongings. Their jewellery and watches wouldn’t be lying in some plastic box. Imagine a simple black and white leather watch box, accented with soft cream and blush tones.


If this appeals to you, then the Chloe collection would be a dream come true. Zip-up and twist-lock boxes are encased in buttery cream-coloured leather. These boxes are surrounded with a black or white leather cut-out overlay. And, it comes with cut-outs reminiscent of flowers.


For the Free Spirit 


A sense of playfulness exudes from the free spirit. Inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of the Moroccan pieces, the Marrakesh collection can entice your free spirit. It brings to mind aromatic spice markets, beautiful, striking colours and golden jewellery. If this appeals to you, then keep your watches in boxes for this collection.


Black and white leather is surrounded by gold studs in the shape of flowers. This is arranged in the vibrant mosaic patterns beloved of Morocco. Keep your statement pieces in these stunning, East-meets-West designed watch and jewellery boxes.


Browse Wolf Watch Boxes from Reading Jewellery Shops


Whatever your personality is, there is a watch box ready for you. Art meets the right jewellery design with Wolf watch boxes. Be delighted with its collections that are fit to any personality.  


Wolf watch boxes are available at jewellery shops all over Reading. Reserve a piece for yourself or enquire about the latest collections from Jacobs the Jewellers.




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