You’ve said “yes” to the big question, and now you’re preparing for the big day when you and your significant other can finally spend the rest of your lives together. Before you busy yourself with all the wedding preparations, remember that picking out the wedding rings is among the most important tasks you’ll need to do – it’s one of the few physical things you’ll have left over after the big day!

Consider Your Groom in Choosing a Perfect Wedding Ring in Jewellery Shops Reading

Choosing a wedding ring is something that you can do as a couple, though keep in mind that the ring you choose should suit your groom as well. After all, it’s one piece of jewellery that men would wear for the rest of their lives. Thus, exceptional care must be given when choosing for your groom’s wedding ring.

Metals and Band Width

Wedding bands come in different metals, the most popular of them are platinum, palladium, and white or yellow gold. Typically, jewellery experts recommend harder metals like platinum or palladium if your soon-to-be husband tends to use his hands regularly.

When it comes to band width, however, men would often go to the one that looks best on their hand. Most of them would select a band between 4mm to 6mm wide, yet the general rule of thumb is to find a width that compliments your man’s hand better.

Metal Finish

Wedding rings are often polished, as these shine the brightest. Alternatively, you can choose the brushed, matt, or satin finish if you’re after a modern and stylish look. You can even opt for a millegrain detailing on the ring’s edges or in the middle of its design, as it subtly reflects the light and creates a fashionable statement.


As mentioned earlier, the wedding ring is a jewellery piece that men would wear for the rest of their lives. Thus, it’s only important that you choose one that your man would find comfortable to wear every day. You can bring him along as you shop for wedding bands and ask him for his opinion on the feel and weight of a particular ring you have in mind.

To ensure that you’ll have the best selections for wedding bands, or if you want to have your rings to be made bespoke, make sure that you visit a jewellery shop around six months before the big day. When it comes to high-quality selections of wedding rings in Reading, you can trust Jacobs to offer nothing but the best for you and your groom.


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