Throughout history, Citrine was prized for its warm hues. For the ancient Romans, it is used to craft elegant jewelleries and magnificent intaglio works. Its irresistible allure has even attracted the attention of Ancient Greeks during the Hellenistic Age.


More than being a decorative piece, Scottish blacksmiths in the 17th century used Citrine to adorn dagger handles. With Queen Victoria’s fascination for the semi-precious stone, Citrine became a traditional stone for Scottish kilt pins and shoulder brooches. And, it gained much popularity during the Art Deco era since its wonderful hue is perfect for the style’s aesthetic.


Even if the era of Art Deco has long since passed, the timeless quality of Citrine jewelleries continue to captivate the hearts of Reading jewellers. Unravel the wondrous sophistication of Citrine pieces and discover how it can bring out your inner glamour.


Express the Symphony of Romance this Season with Citrine Jewels


Anyone will never miss the sparkling colour and lustre of Citrine gems. Whether as a centrepiece to any jewellery or as it is, the beauty of this semi-precious stone never fails to impress.


Warm, honey tones of this spectacular gem remind people of the gentle Springtime. Coming from the French word citron, which means ‘lemon’, the semi-precious stone displays a beautiful play of yellows, gold and oranges. No wonder, it is heralded as the November birthstone as it combines all autumn hues in one gem.


Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford and Angelina Jolie have made Citrine as their signature jewellery, usually set in large-faceted pieces. The marvellous, earthy colours create an air of mystique and romance. It also makes for an excellent engagement ring that impeccably resonates with your love.


Only the splendour of Citrine can captivate the essence of Autumn and romance in one gem. Jewellers in Reading have showcased wonderful Citrine pieces that are perfect in any setting.


Flaunt Your Glamour and Style with Citrine Jewellery


There are so many exquisite Citrine jewellery that exquisitely complements any choice of style. Here are some magnificent pieces from Reading jewellery shops:


18ct Yellow Gold Citrine Earrings



Simple, yet eye-catching best define this pair of Citrine earrings. This 18ct yellow gold with 1.19ct of Citrine centrepiece is a beauty to behold.


Citrine Pendant



With a 1.49ct cushion-shaped Citrine centrepiece, this pendant is splendid for any occasion. Together with an 18ct 16” fine trace link necklet, this jewellery is excellent to match in many styles.


18ct Yellow Gold Citrine + Diamond Earrings

 18ct Yellow Gold Citrine + Diamond Earrings


Citrine and Diamonds are absolutely stunning. That is why this pair of citrine and diamond earrings are breathtakingly marvellous. Set in 18ct yellow gold, the Munsteiner cut of the gemstones are dazzling.


Find Lovely Citrine Jewellery in Reading Today


Having a jewellery that stands out is what all jewellery shoppers and enthusiasts look for. As such, the enchanting glow of Citrine pieces captures the hearts of wearers and beholders alike. To have such jewellery will certainly add a touch of magic and romance to your collection.


Explore more Citrine jewellery pieces that perfectly complement your outfit at Reading jewellery shops.




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