Now, you may be looking to propose with a flawless, diamond accented ring for your future partner. But, did you know that pre-loved pieces of diamond jewellery are some of the best rings ever designed?


In fact, diamond engagement rings are one of the most sought-after accessories in the world [Mashable]. These pre-owned engagement rings from Reading were made not only to astound the recipient but to show the feelings of the one who presented them. Read more on this blog about how diamond gems captured the imagination of thousand worldwide.


How Diamonds Captivated Various Cultures Across the Ages


Diamonds have always captured the thoughts and dreams of people worldwide.


In ancient India, their people believed that kings who wear diamonds will possess a power that triumphs over all [The Diamond in Ancient India]. Ancient Greeks believed that these stones were the tears of the gods. Whereas, the ancient Roman literature states that the god of love, Cupid, used diamond tipped arrows; which he carried often.


This fascination with the stone continues to this day. Many still associate this birthstone for the month of April with various metaphysical properties. These qualities include heightened inner strength, spiritual healing, and boosting one’s energies.


So, for the love-struck partner who wishes to propose this season, Reading jewellers offer the best pre-loved diamond engagement bands fit for the moment.


Preloved Diamond Rings may Embody the Highest Form of Art


Many second-hand diamond bands were custom made. This means that a vast amount of thought, dedication, and passion were dedicated to making these rings. Crafting one often required careful preparation and scrutiny from both the artisan and the client.


Here are a few examples of their masterful work.


Second Hand 1.61ct Diamond Ring

 Second hand 1.61ct diamond ring

This beautiful second hand 1.61ct diamond ring showcases its hallmarked 18 carats yellow and white gold solitaire diamond. It also has F VS quality with an additional independent certificate. This ring was clearly made to emphasise the brilliant diamond on a prong setting.


Second Hand Platinum Oval Diamond Ring

 Second Hand Platinum Oval Diamond Ring

Truly a marvel to behold, this second hand Platinum Oval Diamond Ring highlights a large oval diamond stone on a four claw setting. It weighs 1.6ct and is rated with an F clarity.


The stone, itself, is set on a tapering split shoulder platinum band with smaller set diamonds. This jewellery truly is one of the best pieces of art offered by Reading jewellers.


Find the Best Engagement Rings from Reading Jewellers


Love knows no bounds. It is not hindered by distance, nor by one’s position in life. So, if you are sure about your partner of choice, then profess your love this season with one of the most elegant jewellery pieces available.


Look for the best-preloved diamond engagement ring choices from Reading jewellers.




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