But, what if time takes its toll and wears out this ring? Would you rather let it deteriorate, sell it or, perhaps, better still, look for jewellery repair services?


If you prefer the latter, then opt for jewellery repair services from trusted Berkshire jewellers. We can help bring back your ring's elegance through our tried and tested restoration techniques.


Now, you may be curious as to which factors can affect your wedding band’s beauty. Read on this blog to know which daily occurrences contribute towards diminishing the ring’s beauty.


Common Causes Why Wedding Bands Lose Its Sparkle


As much as possible, couples would like to keep their rings for life. But, sadly, even the finest of all jewellery may lose its glamour.


For one, exposure to the elements is the most common cause of jewellery damage. Say, raindrops, which could carry some chemicals, may tarnish the ring’s metal band. Your preferred cosmetic product such as perfumes and sprays may lead to ring discolouration. Finally, simply wearing your ring regularly may cause it to dull due to contact with hard surfaces.


Now, your once elegant ring may look rather drab because of these unavoidable circumstances. But, what is the best solution to restore your ring to its peak beauty?


Bringing Back the Glamour of Exquisite Wedding Jewellery


Berkshire jewellers are master artisans who can fix various wedding rings issues. We offer various services such as jewellery maintenance, resizing, and jewellery recycling.


Here are some methods we employ when repairing the worn-out rings.


Maintenance Services


Wedding rings, which are often worn, will eventually lose it shine due to sweat or mixed with other cosmetics and chemicals.


We can not only clean these pieces of art, but we can also enhance its inherent beauty. We could add limited custom designs and engrave messages for an additional fee.


Resizing Services


As people age, our bodies undergo various changes. Our fingers may become smaller or larger depending on this change. That is why it would be ideal to ask us to resize the ring. We can increase or decrease the inside circumference depending on your needs without diminishing the overall beauty of the metal band.


Recycling Services


Over the last few years, we noticed that recycling old or unworn jewellery gained a considerable increase in popularity. They can smelt these rings and rework it into a truly unique piece. We can reuse the current gemstone or source new gems upon on the request. We could even fashion an updated matrimonial ring style if you would prefer.


Opt for Wedding Ring Repair Services from Berkshire Jewellers


Wedding bands truly symbolise the bond between couples under wedlock. It is the truest representation of their bond which will last a lifetime. But, as what is true with all aspects of marriage, these rings need to be maintained, restored, and sometimes improved.


Opt for wedding ring maintenance and repair services from Berkshire jewellers today.




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