Sapphire is the perfect birthstone for the month of September. In Ancient Persia, rulers believed that the sky was painted blue as a reflection of sapphire stones. Kings and queens wear this precious stone as a necklace to serve as their protection from harm. Such strikingly blue colour made sapphire as a symbol of heaven by the clergy during the Middle Ages.


Today, sapphires have become one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. On record, the world’s largest blue star sapphire has an estimated value of $300 million. Named as the ‘Star of Adam’, it weighs an astonishing 1,404 carats and a perfect reflection of a glistening star.


More than being a gem that represents eminence, sapphires are an impeccable symbol of love, fidelity and devotion. Many royalties are captivated by its majestic lustre, choosing this gem to be put in an engagement ring. So, keep reading and see why this gemstone is a prominent choice for jewellery by experts.


Revel in the Celestial Grace of Sapphire Jewellery


Sapphires have long been regarded as the stone of the royalty. One of the prime examples for its splendour are the sapphires of the British Crown Jewels. St. Edward’s Sapphire, the oldest amongst the jewels, possibly dates back to at least 11th century. It is set in the Maltese cross atop the crown. Together with the 104-carat Stuart Sapphire, both gemstones perfectly adorn the Imperial State Crown.


Engagement rings with Sapphire centrepieces and embellishments are already known in history. Napoleon Bonaparte gave his fiancée, Josephine, a sapphire engagement ring in 1796. One of the most notable proposals is Prince Charles of Great Britain’s betrothal ring to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. Likewise, the allure of this gem made it a befitting choice for Prince William’s proposal to Kate Middleton with the same 18ct sapphire ring.


Beauty and splendour are the most fitting word to describe this precious stone. In the next section, check out some of the most magnificent Sapphire pieces from Reading jewellers.


A Collection of Timeless Sapphire Jewellery Pieces


Timelessness and elegance are truly captured by the beauty of sapphires. Such a gemstone has been entrancing people since the ancient times.


To showcase the classic beauty of this precious gem, here is a collection of Sapphire jewellery from Reading:


Pink Sapphire + Diamond Pendant

Pink Sapphire + Diamond Pendant

Alluring Diamond Drop Pendant with Pink Sapphire


A charming and alluring diamond drop pendant, the exquisite pink sapphire with a hallmarked 18ct white gold speaks of glamour and simplicity.


18ct White Gold Diamond + Sapphire Earrings

18ct white gold diamond + sapphire earrings

Stud Earrings Bearing the Beauty of Sapphire


Stud earrings greatly highlight the beauty of Sapphire. This impeccably designed pair of earring gives a flair of elegance and exquisiteness.


Sapphire, Emerald + Diamond Dress Ring

Sapphire, Emerald + Diamond Dress Ring

Artistically-made Dress Ring with Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond


Captivating the Elysian colours of green and blue, this artistically-made sapphire, emerald and diamond dress ring is a perfect combination of style and extravagance.


Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Platinum diamond and sapphire ring

Hallmarked Platinum Ring Showcasing Blue Sapphires and Diamonds


Vivid blue sapphires and iridescent diamond on a hallmarked platinum ring truly bring out the wearer’s inner brilliance and magnificence.


Find Dazzling Sapphire Jewellery in Reading


Truly, the charming elegance of Sapphire is reflected in our jewellery collection. Our artisans’ expertise highlights the magnificence of this gemstone to create exquisite pieces.


Get delighted in looking for the best Sapphire jewellery and discover the glamour of this gemstone from Reading jewellery shops today.




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