Instantly recognisable for its famous interlinked gold mesh, the FOPE brand has grown over 90 years to represent a marriage of everyday luxury and technological innovation. 

The FOPE Story 

FOPE is an Italian acronym which translates to Factory of Jewellery Precious Export. 

Founded in 1929 by Umberto Cazzola in Vicenza, in the Veneto region of Italy, not far from Venice. The company started as a small goldsmith’s workshop with just a handful of employees. 

From its humble beginnings right up to the present day, FOPE has remained a family business, with a Cazzola in charge from generation to generation. 

FOPE’s success grew with ongoing investment in research and development. Technological innovation, particularly after the Second World War led to the jewellery company evolving into a renowned Italian – and eventually internationally – recognised brand. 

Design and manufacture have always been done in-house at FOPE, and sit at the heart of the company’s ethos. The family remained in Vicenza, one of the three centres of historic Italian jewellery making. Their premises developed over the years from a small workshop to a cutting edge jewellery factory in the 1940s.

Today its state-of-the-art world headquarters house the company’s premises and production. FOPE also has flagship stores in Venice and London, with other subsidiary locations in the UK, Dubai and Florida.

FOPE’s Flexible Jewellery 

FOPE’s innovation is what made them successful and famous – for one inventive element above all: the flexible gold strap. 

Since the 1950s, the Cazzolas’ ingenious idea of tiny, hidden 18ct gold springs between links of gold mesh has produced comfortable, stylish jewellery, first for watches, the later for bracelets and rings too.


The Novecento chain mesh was launched in the 1980s. Made of 18ct gold, this precision goldsmith design became FOPE’s signature. The advantage of the chains, apart from their mesmerising continuing pattern, is the fluid movement enabled between the links. The result is smooth, wearable and iconic jewellery. 


Another, a more recent invention of FOPE’s (launched 2007) is Flexi’it: a groundbreaking and beautiful technological innovation in flexible jewellery. 

Flex’it is a worldwide patented design of 100% gold mesh construction which stretches to allow the wearer to comfortably roll the bracelet or ring on and off with ease. 

FOPE Flex It Eka Handmade Jewellery Collection

FOPE pride themselves on the skill and care of their goldsmiths, as well as their advanced use of technology. By inserting minute gold springs between each link, every piece of the Flex’it ranges is crafted in 18-carat yellow, white or rose gold. 

Only the Flex’it Eka collection is entirely hand made.

Cutting Edge Technology with Timeless Artistry 

Experimentation has always been key to FOPE’s methods and success. The latest, often custom-made numerical controlled machinery is an essential part of the company’s production.

Using state-of-the-art technology is what has always allowed FOPE to produce novel, innovative and breathtaking jewellery. 

However, besides inventive breakthroughs in jewellery-making tech, it’s the Italian tradition of goldsmith craftsmanship that underlies all of FOPE’s designs. 

Jewellery making in Vicenza goes back at least to the 14th century – and perhaps as much as 2000 years prior to that in some form or another. 

Crafting gold jewellery has been passed down through the generations in Vicenza, in the Cazzola family and FOPE as a company. Quality and beauty are in the company’s blood, and it shows in the exquisite designs of all their jewellery.

FOPE Jewellery available at Jacobs 

Jacobs is an official FOPE retailer. In our Reading premises, you’ll find some of the finest necklaces, rings, bangles, bracelets, and earrings that Italian goldsmiths can produce – all in the traditional signature FOPE style.  


Gold has always been at the heart of jewellery making in Vicenza. The elegance and apparent simplicity of FOPE pieces belie the innovations that go into their intricate design. Here are some of our favourite items in this collection. 

FOPE 18ct Rose Gold + 0.19ct Diamond Flex'It Eka Tiny Bracelet

This 18-carat gold bracelet from the Flex’it Eka tiny range features the roll-on link design and rondel of brilliant-cut diamonds.  FOPE 18ct Yellow Gold + 0.13ct Diamond Lux Ring

This gorgeous 18ct gold and diamond lux ring sparkle with a pave diamond in a white gold setting. A beautiful piece of jewellery with the same classic chain design. 

FOPE 18ct Yellow Gold +  0.09ct Diamond Maori Necklace

A FOPE 18ct gold rope Maori necklace held together with two white gold and diamond bars. 

Silver FOPE

All that glitters is not gold. SilverfopeTM is a bright, light collection from the Italian brand. This line includes the same iconic design features, crafted in silver and palladium alloys.

FOPE 'Silverfope' Cross Over Bangle

An eye-catching snakeskin style silver crossover bangle from the Silverfope collection.

Sterling Silver Fope Naos necklace

In silver, palladium and 18ct rose gold, this Naos FOPE bracelet is clasped with two curb links. 

FOPE Jewellery at Jacobs 

All of these items and more are available in our Reading store and online. Call us today to discover more about this exquisite Italian jewellery brand and place your orders before Christmas. 

“We want to spread the taste, the fashion and Italian creativeness all over the world through refined jewels, and elegant design that makes the wearer proud to possess and exhibit the ancient charm of conceived products, manufactured with Italian love and passion.”

  • FOPE mission statement