Among the things you’ll need to plan for your wedding, choosing your wedding ring is something you should do with diligent care. You’ll want it to be perfect, as it’s one of the few things you and your soon-to-be spouse will wear for the rest of your life together.

More than a simple piece of jewellery, your wedding ring is a symbol of the love and commitment between you and your loved one. With a love as special as yours, you deserve to have a stylish yet unique wedding ring to celebrate this union every day.

Before you seek the help of expert jewellers, you must first have an idea on your options and gain inspiration from these tips.

Choose the Right Metal

Today, couples have a wide range of options for metals in their wedding bands. Each have their own properties and styles, which you should consider carefully.

Yellow gold, for instance, is ideal for couples who wish to follow the traditional route. Platinum, on the other hand, is becoming the favourite among modern couples due to its durability.

Complementing Wedding Rings with Engagement Rings

Most women opt to wear their wedding rings along with their engagement ring. You’ll want to pick something that complements the design of your engagement ring, otherwise you might belatedly realise subtle yet incompatible differences between the styles of these two rings. With this in mind, the design of your engagement ring should also be a huge factor in designing your wedding ring.

Opting for a shaped wedding ring is often the simplest solution to this concern. Generally, you’ll want to consider the ring profile and find one that complements the design of your engagement ring.

Setting the Gemstone

Modern brides are opting for diamond-set wedding rings to add a sparkly backdrop to their engagement ring. Men also favour these diamond wedding rings, as it gives them a way to remember someone close to their heart. Couples have a wide range of cuts to consider, from the traditional princess cut to the avant-garde marquise cut.

Follow Your Heart

It’s easy to be swept away by the latest trends, but that might make your wedding rings look impersonal. In the end, your wedding rings should speak to your personal style, while also bearing significance between you and your spouse.

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